Jack Blades, Thomas and Kelly Keagy in Las Vegas 2005 Hey fellow Ranger's! Let me introduce myself! I'm Thomas, the Webmaster of this Night Ranger site. I have been a Night Ranger fan since I first found out about the band in 1995 while watching the Michael J. Fox movie "The Secret Of My Success". I quickly created a Night Ranger site on the internet because there were very few Night Ranger sites on the net at that time. Kyle Davis, my great Night Ranger teacher, had an awesome site about the band (you might remember the Prion.com site), so I figured, HEY why not make another one? This band deserves to be very well known! And if this website can help the band in any way getting more known out there, it's worth it for me!

My little website have over the past 10 years, since it first went online in October 1996, turned into the "NightRangerWeb" website. Some of you might remember "The Night Ranger Homepage" (which was it's first title) and the "Night Ranger Cyberplace" (which was it's previous title) from this website's history. I really want people to know that there's a killer rock band named Night Ranger out there, and this website is my promotion for the band! Night Ranger had a lot of fans during the 1980's, and as of today, all of these old fans still don't know that Night Ranger is alive and kicking! That's one of the main reasons for why I am running this site: To make the old fans of the band aware of the fact that the original band Night Ranger is BACK with new music! And, of course, to MAKE new fans of the band! And believe me, this happens every day!

As for my hobbies, I like playing drums, and I've been playing on my Pearl Export since 1999 and I really enjoy it! It's on of my very favorite things to do. Actually, I bought this drum set after seeing my first Night Ranger concert ever, in Albany, NY in 1999! Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger is one of my biggest idols, and I just love the way he plays and sings, all at the same time!!! It just looks so natural when he's doing it! One day I want to sing and drum at the same time too! But for now, I'm just playing the drums.

Webmaster meets Brad and Jeff for the first time. Albany, NY, 1999! Night Ranger kicked MAJOR ASS the first time I saw them at the huge in-door venue Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY in 1999! It was pretty unreal seeing the guys in the flesh for my first time ever up on that huge stage! I remember meeting Brad and Jeff for the first time of my life, backstage at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY, on the Rock Never Stops Tour in 1999! Man, look at that photo! Notice how heaven-fallen I look! I remember what it felt like when Brad Gillis stepped into the room. Like the joker he is, he had the extrememly weird look of MY face on his face. He looked sooooooo funny! Well, *I* looked funny.. Haha! I also remember pulling Jeff's hair trying to put my arm around his neck for a photo! Ouch! I was a nervous wreck seeing these guys for the first time in my life! Hehe! Oh man, the memories! Great, great memories! Too bad I didn't have the balls to walk past that security guard protecting the tour bus on the backside of the Pepsi Arena building. The bad were inside the bus with some fans having a blast! I was just so shy back then! Hehe! But, I had the time of my life meeting you guys, Jeff and Brad! You rock!!!

Webmaster poses with Jeff backstage. Chicago Ridge, 2000! The second time I saw them, outdoor at a festival in Chicago Ridge, IL in 2000, was just as special! I was hungry for more Night Ranger, and man, what a blast is was seeing the guys play live again!!! I also met Kelly, Jack and Fitz for the first time in my life! Meeting Monique was also cool. She was too kind to us! I was with my best friend Shahin at this gig, and boy was he in for a surprise. He was not a Night Ranger fan at that time, but after the concert, he surely was... And as of today (2006), that Night Ranger gig is still the best gig he ever saw! Pretty cool, huh?

Now, I'm proud to say that I've seen the band live NINE times (As of June 2008)! Man, what an explosive show it was at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas in December 2005! I will never forget that show! The most special Night Ranger show I've ever seen! The even played "The Secret Of My Success" live.. That single song live alone must be the most amazing thing I've ever seen of heard! WOW!!!

And it was "THE vacation of my life" over on the West Coast back in August 2007, when THE GIRLS (the highly acclaimed Night Ranger fan-group!) took me under their wings and made me what I always dreamt of becoming.. A Girl! *Laughs* Thanks for all the good memories, dear THE GIRLS - and thanks for making me feel special! Night Ranger, you just keep getting better and better every time I see you live! And Brad, thanks bro, I had a blast!!! ;)

I've also been collecting Night Ranger "stuff" since 1995, and I own almost everything the band has released, plus a few other interesting items. I try to get my hands on as much Night Ranger stuff as possible. You will be surprised about how much cool Night Ranger stuff there's out there! You'll find a few interesting Night Ranger items at Ebay, like I did! Check out my little list of Night Ranger stuff below!

Take care!

And remember... No matter what anybody tells you, no matter what anybody says: Keep Rockin' !!!!!

Best Rockin' Regards, Thomas in Norway!

Thanks to Night Ranger for adding more classics to their current live set-list!

We want Night Ranger at the Sweden Rock Festival 2009 in Sweden, Europe!

(Updated: June 10th, 2008)



  • Dawn Patrol CD-2, LP-2, CASS-2
  • Midnight Madness CD-2, LP-1, CASS-2
  • Seven Wishes CD-2, LP-2 CASS-2
  • Big Life CD-2, LP-3, CASS-2
  • Man In Motion CD-2, LP-2, CASS-1
  • Greatest Hits CD-2, LP-1, CASS-2
  • Live In Japan CD-2
  • Feeding Off The Mojo CD-2, CASS-1
  • Neverland (JAP) CD-2
  • Neverland (US) CD-2, CASS-1
  • Rock Masterpiece Collection CD-1
  • Rock In Japan '97 CD-1
  • Rock In Japan - Greatest Hits Live (US) CD-1
  • Seven (JAP) CD-2, CASS-1
  • Seven (US) CD-2, CASS-1
  • Seven (EUR) CD-1
  • Keep Rockin' (JAP) CD-1
  • 20th Century Masters: Ther Millennium Collection CD-1
  • Hits, Acoustic and Rarities CD-2
  • Hole In The Sun CD-1


  • "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" (LP-1, PROMO, US, 1982, BOARDWALK-NB-11-171-7)
  • "Don't Tell Me You Love Me/Night Ranger" (LP-1, EUR, 1983, BOARDWALK/BELLAPHON-100-16-007)
  • "Sing Me Away/Call My Name" (LP-1, JAP, 1982, BOARDWALK-07SP 697)
  • "(You Can Still) Rock In America" (LP-1, US, 1984, MCA-52420)
  • "When You Close Your Eyes/Why Does Love Have To Change" (LP-1, EUR, 1984, BELLAPHON-100-07-296)
  • "Sister Christian" With AND Without guitar solo versions (LP-1, PROMO, US, 1984 MCA-52350)
  • "Sister Christian/Chippin' Away" (LP-1, US, 1983, MCA-52350)
  • "Sister Christian/Chippin' Away" (LP-1, EUR, 1984, CAMEL/BELLAPHON-100-07-284)
  • "Goodbye/Night Machine" (LP-1, JAP, 1985, MCA-P-1978)
  • "The Color Of Your Smile/Girls All Like It" (LP-1, US, 1987, MCA-1125)
  • "The Secret Of My Success/Carry On" (LP-1, EUR, 1987, MCA-258-380-7)
  • "Don't Start Thinking (I'm Alone Tonight)" (LP-1, PROMO, US, 1989, MCA-6238)
  • "I Did It For Love/Woman In Love" (LP-1, JAP, 1988, MCA-07P7-6014)
  • "Mojo" -rock radio mix- (CD-1)
  • "Do You Feel Like I Do/Tomorrow Never Knows" -promo- (CD-2)
  • "New York Time" (CD-1)
  • "Forever All Over Again" (CD-4, CASS-2)
  • "Forever All Over Again" -promo- (CD-1)
  • "Sign Of The Times" -promo- (CD-1)
  • "Kong" -promo- (CD-2)

    Music videos:

  • Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  • Sing Me Away
  • (You Can Still) Rock In America
  • When You Close Your Eyes (version 1, uncensored)
  • When You Close Your Eyes (version 2, censored by mtv)
  • Sister Christian
  • Four In The Morning
  • Sentimental Street
  • Goodbye
  • Color Of Your Smile
  • The Secret Of My Success
  • Hearts Away
  • I Did It For Love
  • New York Time
  • Sign Of The Times

    Other videos:

  • "Cyber City Diner" show w/ shots from this page and "New York Time" clips
  • Starlicks Master Sessions (guitar practice) with Brad Gillis
  • Unplugged Night Ranger concert from June 1997
  • Night Ranger are crazy MTV Video V.J.'s, hosting MTV
  • American Bandstand w/ "Rock In America" and "Rumors In The Air"
  • American Music Awards with Jack and Kelly as announcers (20 sec.)
  • Cut from the Showtime concert special - Showtime: Rock Of The 80's
  • New Years Eve lip-synch performance of "Sister Christian"
  • New Years Eve lip-synch performance of "When You Close Your Eyes"
  • Schlitz commercial with "(You Can Still) Rock In America"
  • Schlitz commercial with "When You Close Your Eyes"
  • Short interview with the band from 1983
  • Short interview with the band from 1987
  • Short golf program with Jack Blades playing golf!
  • Jack Blades on CNN SHOWBIZ, "Neverland" PR - 1997 (15 sec.)
  • Showgram on Broadway tape from 1997 with Night Ranger (2 songs)


    20th Century Masters: DVD Collection (DVD, NTSC-5x)


  • "7 Wishes Tour" (LD, NTSC-1x)

    Concert videos (Official):

  • Japan Tour (VHS, NTSC-1x)
  • Seven Wishes Tour (VHS, NTSC-3x)
  • Japan In Motion (VHS, NTSC-2x)
  • Universal Masters Collection music videos (DVD, NTSC-1x)

    Special stuff:

    Kelly Keagy drumstick w/ signature, from the gig at Chicago Ridge, IL in 2000


  • "OKEJ" Issue 14 1985 with Night Ranger article about the bands first European gig inside (SWEDEN)
  • "Guitar (For The Practicing Musician)" August 1985 Issue with Brad Gillis & Jeff Watson on the front cover (US)
  • "Young GUitar" Issue 2 February 1986 with Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson on the front cover (JAP)
  • "MusiC Life" Issue 2 February 1986 with the whole band on the front cover (JAP)
  • "Young Guitar Extra 15 (Playing Analysis Special Issue)" with Brad Gillis & Jeff watson on the front cover. Includes special Brad & Jeff CD. (JAP)
  • "Young Guitar" Issue 3 March 1997 with Brad Gillis & Jeff Watson on the front cover (JAP)

    Music sheets:

  • "GOODBYE" (Piano/Vocals/Guitar) Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation release


  • Large Night Ranger bandposter from the "Dawn Patrol" years (2x)
  • Large Night Ranger bandposter w/ huge logo from the "Midnight Madness" years
  • Large Night Ranger "Midnight Madness" front cover poster
  • Large Night Ranger "7 Wishes" poster
  • Large Night Ranger bandposter from the "Man In Motion" years


  • Original Night Ranger pendant from 1983

    Various merchandise:

  • Black "Big Life World Tour" t-shirt with band on front
  • White 7 Wishes T with band logo on front and airplane on back
  • Brown sleeveless T with "Rock In America" on the front
  • Brown T with long sleeves with "7 Wishes" on the front
  • Grey T with "7 Wishes" on back and the band on the front
  • White T with "Big Life World Tour" on back and the band on the front
  • Black satin concert vest with the Night Ranger logo on the back
  • Black T with "Longest Days Tour 95" logo on back and NR the front (x2)
  • Black T with "Rock In America Tour 1984" logo on back and "Madness" on front
  • White sleeveless T with "Midnight Madness" on back and a band photo on front
  • Live In America audio cassette (Recorded in concert in USA, 1984)
  • "Best Of King Biscuit" - Concert LP (radio broadcast)
  • Radio show on tape with Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy and Alan Fitzgerald
  • Radio show on tape with Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis
  • Some photos from a "Mojo" concert with Kelly, Brad and Gary Moon
  • Large black bumper sticker of the band and logo
  • 5 small buttons with band logo, album names and picture of Brad Gillis
  • Magazine reviews of "Rock In Japan '97", "Gilrock Ranch" and "Lone Ranger" albums
  • Newspaper review of "Boogie Nights" Soundtrack w/ "Sister.." as one of the tracks
  • Ad for the July 31, 1998 Night Ranger "Seven" show in the Waukesha newspaper
  • 2 small Night Ranger "Big Life" buttons
  • Night Ranger "Midnight Madness" keychain
  • Embroided Night Ranger logo ready to put on my jacket!
  • Autographed "Dawn Patrol" LP (MCA) from a release party in Seattle, 1983



  • Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees (CD)
  • Damn Yankees - Don't Tread (CD)
  • Shaw / Blades - Hallucination (CD)
  • Brad Gillis - Gilrock Ranch (CD)
  • Brad Gillis - Alligator (CD JAP)
  • Brad Gillis - Alligator (CD USA)
  • Jeff Watson - Lone Ranger (CD)
  • Jeff Watson - Around The Sun (CD)
  • Rubicon - Rubicon (LP)
  • Rubicon - America Dreams (LP)
  • Alliance - Bond Of Union (CD)
  • Various artists - 18 Rock Classics (CD)
  • Tommy Shaw - 7 Deadly Zens (CD)
  • Various artists - Classic Live Performances Vol. 1 (CD)
  • Various artists - Classic Live Performances Vol. 2 (CD)
  • Various artists - Guitar Battle (CD)
  • Ringo Starr - Vertical Man (CD)
  • Ozzy Osbourne - Speak Of The Devil (CD)
  • Mother's Army - Planet Earth (CD)
  • Mother's Army - Fire On The Moon (CD)
  • King Of Hearts - 1989 (CD JAP)
  • Kelly Keagy - Time Passes (CD)
  • Colin Blades - Colin Blades (CD)
  • Jack Blades - Jack Blades (promo cd)
  • Jack Blades - Jack Blades (CD)


  • Explorers (CD, LP, CASSETTE)
  • Teachers (CASSETTE)
  • Out Of Bounds (LP, CASSETTE)
  • The Secret Of My Success (CD)
  • Encino Man (CD)
  • Waynes World 2 (CD)
  • Boogie Nigths (CD)
  • Armageddon (CD)


  • Sixteen Candles (VHS/ntsc)
  • Teachers (VHS/ntsc)
  • Explorers (VHS/ntsc)
  • Out Of Bounds (VHS/ntsc)
  • The Secret Of My Success (DVD/ntsc)
  • Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (VHS/ntsc)
  • Nothing But Trouble (VHS/pal)
  • Encino Man (VHS/ntsc)
  • Nowhere To Run (VHS/pal)
  • Boogie Nights (VHS/ntsc)
  • Armageddon (DVD/ntsc)

    Related videos:

  • Damn Yankees "Home Video" (1990)
  • Damn Yankees "Uprising" (1992)
  • Damn Yankees boot concert (1991)
  • Damn Yankees boot concert (1993)
  • Damn Yankees various interviews etc.
  • Damn Yankees "Damn Yankees" Olympic music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "Coming Of Age" music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "High Enough" music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "Come Again" music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "Where You Goin' Now" music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "Don't Tread" music vid.
  • Damn Yankees "Silence Is Broken" music vid.
  • Shaw / Blades "I'll Always Be With Your" music vid.