Dear Night Ranger!

I just wanted to Thank You on behalf of all Night Ranger fans, for your addition of "The Secret Of My Success" to your setlist again!

(Click the "Big Life" cover to hear the song "The Secret Of My Success")

I just want to add that "The Secret Of My Success" is MY personal favorite song of yours.... I really can't thank you enough, Night Ranger, for playing this song live in Las Vegas, at the Boulder Station Casino show in December 2005. It was the most amazing moment of my life................!!!!!!!! Thank YOU. Thomas!

The last time this song was played live was on the "Big Life" tour back in 1987. Night Ranger fans have screamed out for "Big Life", and "Man In Motion" live material in the past 15 years. And lately, "Neverland" and "Seven" material. Finally, fans got what they wanted and needed! "The Secret Of My Success" is finally played live, once again! Not only is this a huge meldoic masterpiece, but rumors says that it's also a hard song to do live! This only makes fans more happy to see and hear "The Secret Of My Success" live!

People have witnessed "New York Time" off of the "Neverland" album live in the past couple of years or so, and they are loving it! Thanks for keeping this awesome song in your setlist!

You also added "Sign Of The Times" off of the "Seven" album to your setlist! Another Thank You for that killer tune! Fans have been dying to hear material from the latest two studio albums as well! Finally, fans got what they wanted and needed!

As if THAT wasn't enough.. "This Boy Needs To Rock" is currently the opener of EVERY Night Ranger show - WOOOOW!!!!! I can't believe you guys brought that song back again!!! Your fans are forever thankful for these live songs! Thank you, and thank you again!!! :)

Thank You, Night Ranger! And we hope to see and hear even more "Big Life", "Man In Motion", "Neverland" and "Seven" material live soon!