Don't Tell Me You Love Me was the first NR song I ever heard. I think the year must have been 1982; I would have been a high school sophomore. We were "motorin'" around my small (8000+) town, piled three deep in the back of someone's car. He had an outrageous stereo system in this car, and had it wired to an untold number of speakers, tweeters, woofers, you name it, in the back and sides of this car. It could sound like a real concert . . . you could feel the music in your kidneys. :-) Well, several of us had piled in, and I was just enjoying the thrill of being young and stupid and having fun, and he sticks in this cassette . . . makes everyone be quiet for a second, and says, "Hey, guys, listen up . . . check *this* out." *Any* song at ear-shattering decibels would likely not interest me in the least these days. Gotta watch the old hearing, you know? But when I was a teenager, had a good buzz, was crowded in a hot-rod Mustang with a bunch of guys and girls that I hung out with freqently, and the opening guitar lick of "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" came seemingly from everywhere at once, and then the song proper kicked off (with such a big BANG!) and Jack started singing the first verse, well, I knew then, that this band was *it.* I remember to this day the feeling I had, and I remember thinking, "Man, this is *so* cool," during the quiet part right after the guitar solos when Fitz is playing that dah-dah dum, dah-dah dum part. I asked the guy driving who the band was a little later. He told me, and the rest was history. To me, that song *is* Night Ranger.

- William Acuff