I was at my then best friend Allison's house watching MTV. I was a senior in High School then. We were having after school "snacks" goofing off w/ her brother, just hanging out and all of a sudden this video for DTMYLM came on. Well, I looked up and saw quite possible the cutest little guy I had ever seen hopping about with a bass guitar, and then I saw Brad Gillis and was like... WHOA!! COOL....and the thing with the train tracks, and just Jack bein' all cute, and the song being KILLER...well...needless to say, I FREAKED! ok, so like, we go to the local "Turtle's" record store and ask for Night Ranger, and they're like "Who?" They had to go and look them up and the deal was that Dawn Patrol hadn't been released yet, but was gonna be like in a few we came back when it was to be released and hung out at that store ALL DAY til their delivery truck came and they checked it in and priced it....then I snagged the first copy!! heehee...Well, it helped that I kinda had a crush on this one boy that worked there too...he went to my high school, had long hair and played in a band (of course) kinda helped to pass the time away with him....(grin) Anyways from that point on, I was hooked!

- Janni Ball