How I found Night Ranger? MTV! Back when MTV was cool. I saw video's for Ratt and Twisted Sister, and tho I liked the music, I was a bit put off by the dress and make-up those bands wore. Then I saw the video for When You Close Your Eyes. GREAT TUNE. Not only was it an awesome song, but the guys in the video looked normal. Yes they had long hair, but shoot, so did I. No outrageous make-up. No fancy dress. You were even hard pressed to find an ear-ring in the band. I was hooked. I bought Midnight Madness and Dawn Patrol (this was in 1984), and patiently waited for 7 Wishes, which I bought the day it was released. (I've bought ever release by the band since, either the day it came out, or slightly before! Connections are good!) Like the others who have given their accounts of discovering Night Ranger, WYCYE will always be my favorite because it was the song that hooked me. By the way, I was 15 in 1984 and had been a country music fan up until then! LOL

- Steven Bee