OK. Where to start............. I guess I can say that if it wasn't for NR I probably wouldn't be listening to music as much as I do today. I first heard them back in ' 87 when I saw the movie Secret Of My Success. As soon as the movie finished I went to the record store and bought the single. I loved the b-side even more (the song was Carry On). A couple of weeks later an acquaintance at work was listening to a tape at work and the band sounded very familiar. I asked him who they were and he told me NR. I knew I had to get the album so I went and ordered Big Life. The only other album that was available was Midnight Madness so I immediately ordered it. Two months later I walked into an import record store and stumbled onto Dawn Patrol and didn't hesitate to fork out $25 U.S for it (I say import because I live in Australia). No other record store had ever heard of them so I asked what else was available. I had 7 Wishes in my hands three weeks later. Still starving for more NR, I had to wait over a year for Man In Motion. It was worth the wait but I was disappointed FITZ had quit the band.

- Craig Bishop