When I first started to realize what well-composed music/lyric meant to me, the year was probably 1984 [prior, my music collection was all stuff my older brother had given me for Christmas & stuff], and that was after DP & MM, so I cannot be sure what first attracted me to Night Ranger.. I knew of SC, WYCYE, & saw (YCS)RiA on Soul Train or something, but only got MM in 84 or so, at which point I also got DP and then realized that I heard SMA on the radio before, but didn't know who did it til then.. From that point, I definitely followed the 'new release' lists more closely.. PS I *hated* 'Sister Christian' thanx mainly to those programmers who prefer to repetitively over play new songs until the first notes inspire spontaneous projectile vomiting and only a few years ago [back when karaoke became popular, and that was still the *only* NR song they had], realized that it was an OK song and I could safely listen to it..

- Paul Lackey