The first time i had heard night ranger i was at my dads visiting and "dont tell me you love me" came on mtv. I was hooked instantly. I have been a fan for so many years. I have seen them in concert so many times i lost track. I was a member of the night ranger fan club way back when. I was a pen pal with Lindsay Watson, Jeffs sister. I even talked to her on the phone. She got me back stage passes to the 7-wishes tour. It was a night i will never forget. I am so glad to see so many fans still out there that love the guys and thier music. They deserve so much more reconition that what they get. I got my tickets for the june 29th concert in clio. I got 2nd row center stage!!!! I am really excited since i only got front row once. Almost 14 years ago. And it is worth the 3 hours drive there. Oh yes!!!!

- Karen