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Produced by Richard Podolor for Rochard Podolor Productions, Inc.

Album Type: Studio Recording

The Band:

Jack Blades (Bass, Lead vocals)
Brad Gillis (Guitars)
Dennis Marcellino
Gerald Martini
Greg Eckler
James Pugh
Max Haskett

The Songs:

1. And The Moon's Out Tonight
(Gerald Martini)

2. Far Away
(Max Haskett)

3. Closely
(Dennis Marcellino)

4. Vanilla Gorilla
(Gerald Martini / Max Haskett)

5. I'm Gonna Take Care Of Everything
(Max Haskett)

6. I Want To Love You
(Jack Blades)

7. Cheatin'
(Gregory Eckler / James Pugh)

8. It's All For The Show
(Gregory Eckler)

9. That's The Way Things Are
(Gerald Martini / Lynn Medeiros)

Rating: 6/10
(6 out of 10 cd's)

This album contains some pretty funky disco-rock-like music! Jack Blades sings lead vocals on one song, and plays bass on all songs on this album!