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Rock In Japan '97 -- © 1997 Zero Corporation
Produced by Ron Nevison

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Album Type: Live Recording

The Band:

Jack Blades (Bass, Lead vocals)
Kelly Keagy (Drums, Lead vocals)
Jeff Watson (Guitars, vocals)
Brad Gillis (Guitars)
Alan Fitzgerald (Keyboards)

The Songs:

1. Neverland
(Jack Blades / Dean Grakal / Mark Hudson)

2. Touch Of Madness
(Jack Blades)

3. My Elusive Mind
(Jack Blades / Pat MacDonald / Mark Nevin)

4. Sing Me Away
(Kelly Keagy / Jack Blades)

5. Someday I Will
(Jack Blades / Gary Burr / Kelly Keagy)

6. Brad Gillis Solo
(Brad Gillis on guitar)

7. Rumors In The Air
(Jack Blades)

8. Jeff Watson Solo
(Jeff Watson on guitar)

9. Eddie's Coming Out Tonight
(Jack Blades)

10. Sentimental Street
(Jack Blades)

11. Goodbye
(Jeff Watson / Jack Blades)

12. Forever All Over Again
(Jack Blades / Chuch Cannon)

13. Slap Like Being Born
(Jack Blades / Gary Burr / Kelly Keagy)

14. When You Close Your Eyes
(Jack Blades / Alan Fitzgerald / Gillis)

15. New York Time
(Jeff Watson / Jack Blades / Kelly Keagy)

16. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
(Jack Blades)

17. Sister Christian
(Kelly Keagy)

18. (You Can Still) Rock In America
(Jack Blades / Brad Gillis)

Rating: 10/10
(10 out of 10 cd's)

This is one of the best live albums in history of rock! The band performs all their hits, plus new songs from the "Neverland" album! This album also features PERFECTLY mixed sound!

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