It was the spring of 1988, and I was working for Universal at the Ampitheater as an usher. This particular night, the GoGos were playing. I was seating people, when up walked some of the bigwigs with MCA and Universal and asked me to show these gentleman to their seats! I about died, it was Jack, Brad, and Kelly ( I don't recall Jeff or Fitz being there but they could have...I was in instant shock) I seated them and the show shortly started. Lucky enough my post was right where they were seated, so there I sat next to Jack. Yes I was in heaven! : ) When the GoGos finally took the stage, I turned and looked at them and all three were drooling over Belinda...it was discusting! Jack told me they were just teasing Brad who had a big crush on her and it became obvious that he did. I tried to refrain myself, but I was a bad girl, and Jack got a kick out of it (I guess I was trying to impress him *wink*) but I tied his shoe laces together..he got up and kinda stumbled and laugh, I think Kelly and Jack had a bigger laugh....the more I think about it the more I think they were egging me on...but Brad looked at me and laughed too...I think he realized he had drool on his shirt.

- Michaela Lindberg