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Feeding Off The Mojo -- ©1995 Drive Entertainment, Inc
Produced by David Prater

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Band:

Kelly Keagy (Drums, Vocals)
Brad Gillis (Guitars, Vocals)
Gary Moon (Bass, Vocals)

The Songs:

1. Mojo
(Night Ranger)

2. Last Chance
(Night Ranger / J. Paris)

3. Try (For Good Reason)
(Night Ranger / D. O'Brien)

4. Precious Time
(Night Ranger / T. Meagher)

5. The Night Has A Way
(D. Tyson / C. Ward)

6. Do You Feel Like I Do / Tomorrow Never Knows
(P. Frampton / M. Gallagher / R. Wills / J. Siomos - J. Lennon / P. McCartney)

7. Music Box
(Night Ranger / S. Isham)

8. Longest Days
(Night Ranger / C. Sparks)

9. Tell Me I'm Wrong
(Night Ranger)

10. So Far Gone
(Night Ranger)

Rating: 9/10
(9 out of 10 cd's)

The only album from the Night Ranger-trio in 1995, and it's a special one! A great album with a LOUD bass feel to it! The sound mix on this album is amazing, and the albums sounds very tight in general!

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