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Midnight Madness -- ©1983,1984 MCA Records, Inc
Produced by Pat Glasser for Greenlight Productions

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Band:

Jack Blades (Bass, Lead Vocals)
Kelly Keagy (Drums, Lead vocals)
Brad Gillis (Guitars, Vocals)
Jeff Watson (Guitars)
Alan Fitzgerald (Keyboards, Vocals)

1. (You Can Still) Rock In America
(Blades / Gillis)

2. Rumours In The Air

3. Why Does Love Have To Change

4. Sister Christian

5. Touch Of Madness

6. Passion Play

7. When You Close Your Eyes
(Blades / Fitzgerald / Gillis)

8. Chippin' Away
(Blades / Gillis)

9. Let Him Run
(Watson / Blades / Keagy)

Rating: 10/10
(10 out of 10 cd's)

The band delivers their second album, making their sound more melodic than ever!

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