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Lone Ranger -- © 1992 SHRAPNEL Records, Inc
Produced by Jeff Watson

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Performers:
Note: On different songs

Jeff Watson (Guitars, Bass, Sax, Voices)
Brad Gillis (Guest Guitar Soloist)
Sammy Hagar (Vocal Scatts)
Brad Russell (Bass Guitar)
Spike (Drums)
Allan Holdsworth (Intro, Middle and Outro Clean Guitars)
Steve Smith (Drums)
Bob Daisley (Bass)
Carmine Appice (Drums)
Steve Machtinger (Viola)
Front Porch (Chimes)
Zeus (Dog Panting)
Cziko (Horse Chewing)
Roscoe, Sparky and Petey (Goats)
Randy Coven (Bass Guitar)
David Sikes (Bass Guitar)
Steve Morse (Solo Guitar)

Song Credits:

1. Mountain Cathedral
(Jeff Watson)

2. Cement Shoes
(Jeff Watson, Brad Gillis, Sammy Hagar, Zeus, Brad Russell, Spike)

3. Forest Of Feeling
(Jeff Watson, Allan Holdsworth, Brad Russell, Steve Smith)

4. Hi-Yo Silver
(Jeff Watson, Bob Daisley, Carmine Appice)

5. Picnic Island
(Jeff Watson, Steve Machtinger)

6. Morris Minor
(Jeff Watson, Brad Russell, Spike)

7. Osaka Rocka Intro
(Front Porch, Zeus, Cziko, Roscoe, Sparky, Petey)
Osaka Rocka
(Jeff Watson, Randy Coven, Spike)

8. Eco Chalet
(Jeff Watson, David Sikes, Spike)

9. Talking Hands
(Jeff Watson, Steve Morse, Randy Coven, Steve Smith)

10. Pipe Dream
(Jeff Watson, Randy Coven, Spike)

11. Song For Rebecca
(Jeff Watson, Brad Russel, Sparky)

Rating: 9/10
(9 out of 10 cd's)

Jeff Watson delivers an incredible album! There's awesome electric and acoustic guitar playing throughout the whole album!