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Hits, Acoustic & Rarities -- © 2005 I Rock
Produced by Night Ranger

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Album Type: New Studio Recording & New Live Recording

The Band:

Jack Blades (Bass, Acoustic guitar, Lead vocals)
Alan Fitzgerald (Keyboards)
Brad Gillis (Guitars, Vocals)
Kelly Keagy (Drums, Lead vocals)
Jeff Watson (Guitars, Vocals)
Michael Lardie (Keyboards)

The Songs:

1. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
(Night Ranger)

2. Sister Christian
(Night Ranger)

3. (You Can Still) Rock In America
(Night Ranger)

4. When You Close Your Eyes
(Night Ranger)

5. Sing Me Away
(Night Ranger)

6. Sentimental Street
(Night Ranger)

7. Four In The Morning
(Night Ranger)

8. Rumors In The Air
(Night Ranger)

9. Goodbye
(Night Ranger)

10. Sister Christian (Acoustic version)
(Night Ranger)

11. Don't Tell Me You Love Me (New live version)
(Night Ranger)

Rating: Coming soon!
(10 out of 10 cd's)