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Hallucination -- © 1995 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Produced by Don Gehman, Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw

Recorded in Jack's Barn (August/September 1994)
Mixed at Scream Studios, Studio City, CA.

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Performers:

Jack Blades (Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar "The End")
Tommy Shaw (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion)
Steve Smith (Drums)
Michael Cartelone (Drums tracks 4,6,7)
Joel Dantzig ("Professor or guitar tones" etc., etc.)
The Neverleave Bros. (All background vocals)

The Songs:

1. My Hallucination
(Shaw / Blades)

2. I'll Always Be With You
(Shaw / Blades)

3. Come To Be My Friend
(Shaw / Blades)

4. Don't Talk To Me Anymore
(Shaw / Blades)

5. I Stumble In
(Shaw / Blades)

6. Blue Continental
(Shaw / Blades)

7. Down That Highway
(Shaw / Blades)

8. How You Gonna Get Used To This
(Shaw / Blades)

9. The Night Goes On
(Shaw / Blades)

10. I Can't Live Without You
(Shaw / Blades)

11. The End
(Shaw / Blades)

Rating: 9/10
(9 out of 10 cd's)

This awesome album rocks! And it has a country feel to it! Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades delivers some incredible lyrics and awesome harmonies on this album!