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Gilrock Ranch -- © 1993 GUITAR Recordings
Produced by Brad Gillis

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Album Type: Studio Recording

The Performers:

Brad Gillis (Guitars, Bass)
Kelly Keagy (Drums)
Gary Moon (Bass)
Michael Cartellone (Drums)
Gregg Allmann (Vocals)
Carmine Appice (Drums)
Derek Sherinian (Keyboards)
Rodney Freidrich (Keyboards)
T.J. (Drums)
Mark "Jellyroll" Burkstahler (Slide guitar)
David Bradley (Monster voice)
Robin Sylvester (Bass)
Ronnie Sief (Drums)
Larry Antonino (Bass)
Jennifer Newell (Background Vocals)
Montanna Gillis (Baby cry)

Song Credits:

1. Stampede *
(Brad Gillis / Derek Sherinian)

2. Honest To God
(Brad Gillis / Gregg Allmann)

3. Opus Winfrus
(Brad Gillis / Derek Sherinian)

4. Monster Breath
(Brad Gillis / Rodney Freidrich)

5. Slow Blow
(Brad Gillis / Derek Sherinian)

6. Mr. Lollipop
(Brad Gillis)

7. If Looks Could Kill
(Brad Gillis / Gregg Allmann / Rodney Freidrich)

8. Lions, Tigers & Bears
(Brad Gillis / Derek Sherinian / Carmine Appice)

9. Shades Of Pomposity
(Derek Sherinian / Brad Gillis)

10. Gilrock Ranch
(Brad Gillis / Derek Sherinian)

* From the Motion Picture Soundtrack "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead".

Rating: 9/10
(9 out of 10 cd's)

Awesome solo album that showcases Brad Gillis guitar playing! Features two tracks with vocals by Gregg Allmann!