How did you discover Night Ranger?

Story Writer
"It was 1982..." Jeff Humble
"I first started hearing DTMYLM..." Alan Hood
"How I found Night Ranger? MTV!" Steven Bee
"I first heard the Dawn Patrol album in my 9th..." Becky L. Groseth
"My first introduction to NR was..." Edward Hochstatter
"See, I had two older brothers..." Tracy Braun
"Sometime around I guess sep 82..." Arthur Carawan
"I was at my then best friend Allison's house..." Janni Ball
"Don't Tell Me You Love Me was the first..." William Acuff
"In 1983 a friend of mine had read the magazine..." Flemming Odvig
"Unlike a lot of Night Ranger fans..." Ellen Kozisek
"My interest in Night Ranger started with..." John Wharton
"The first time I heard Night Ranger was..." Karen
"I was in 8th grade when I bought a..." Richard Jenkins
"When I first started to realize what..." Paul Lackey
"OK. Where to start..." Craig Bishop

Other cool Night Ranger stories by fans

Story Writer
"It was the spring of 1988, and I was working..." Michaela Lindberg
"I was at the unplugged show in Portland..." David Peterson
"I have been the biggest Night Ranger fan..." Roger Warlick
"This is one of the many incidents that..." Royce J. Myers III