Eric Levy
Keyboards, Vocals
Live position:
Joel Hoekstra
Guitars, Vocals
Live position:
Jack Blades
Bass, Lead Vocals
Live position:
Brad Gillis
Guitars, Vocals
Live position:
Kelly Keagy
Drums, Lead Vocals
Live position:

Eric Levy (2011-) - Welcome Eric Levy to the band! Eric's replacing Christian Cullen who's been with the band for the past few years. Eric has a cool image, reminiscent of the bands original keyboard player, the iconic Fitz. You can already see Eric in Night Ranger's new music video "Growin' Up In California" where he lays down some very classic Night Ranger keyboard licks.

Joel Hoekstra (2008-) - Finally in 2008, a permanent guitar player was found. Joel Hoekstra. The one to replace Jeff Watson. Reb Beach did a good job for a couple of years, and now it's time for Joel to let it rip in Night Ranger! Joel is playing a guitar similar to the one Jeff Watson uses; A fine Les Paul guitar. Joel's first music video and studio recording with Night Ranger is witnessed in the video "Growin' Up In California" from the album "Somewhere In California". Let's hear it for Joel guys!!!

Jack Blades - An incredibly talented songwriter, bass player and crowd-worker. Jack's a very proffessional singer and is the owner of one of the most classic, yet smoothest voices in music! Jack has written songs for many famous bands and artists such as Ozzy Osbourne, Cher, Journey, Aerosmith and many, many more. When there's something big happening, Jack's there! Jack also wrote songs for the "Armageddon" Soundtrack, and continues to deliver some of the finest lyrics around, both with his own band Night Ranger and with other bands and artists. And what an amazing live performer Jack is. Especially with his bandmates in Night Ranger, he just explodes live on stage! Jim Peterik of the band Survivor calls Jack Blades, quote; "one of the best performers ever" - He's got that right. Jack also loves to spend time with his family, and is long-time married to his dear Mollie. Way to go Jack! You might have heard about Jack's son Colin Blades, who's in the music biz as well along with Jack's other son James. Jack also had another band called the Damn Yankees which really needs no further introduction. Jack enjoyed great success with his bandmades Ted Nugent, Michael Cartellone and Tommy Shaw during the Damn Yankees year in the early 1990's. Jack is mostly using Hamer bass guitars.

Brad Gillis - Guitar God, Guitar Legend, Guitar Hero, Rolemodel. There are many words that can be used to describe one of history's greatest guitar players. Few players in the business have the special ability to blend unique talent with the skill of writing Memorable guitar solos that Brad has. Brad does it all, and he does it Good. He is a true master of the whammy bar, or tremolo bar, if you will, and he has got his very own unique ultra-melodic style. Brad Gillis totally just rips Live, especially when he's playing with his good buddies in Night Ranger. That's when Brad's TNT really explodes. Brad was part of the mindblowing guitar-duo that Night Ranger had the pleasure of boosting for more than two decades; Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson. With Night Ranger, Brad usually plays the first parts out of the double-solo songs that Night Ranger is famous for. Brad also played lead guitar for Ozzy Osbourne in the early 1980's after Ozzy's guitar player Randy Rhoades died, but chose to play with with his buddies in Night Ranger in the end. Brad has got one daughter called Montanna. He's also got his own record studio and writes music for ESPN and produces, mixes and plays with several different artists. Brad almost always uses his favorite 1962 red Fender Stratocaster guitar when playing, and Mesa Boogie amplifiers.

Kelly Keagy - Few, if no other, drummers can pound those drums like Kelly does while they're singing lead vocals at the same time. Kelly does both jobs flawlessly, and delivers his vocals with emotions as well. He really sings his longues out some songs, while in other songs he sings some of the warmest, deepest, most touching vocals you'll ever hear! Kelly has got a lot of technique, routine and spot-on timing in his drumming, as you can hear in songs like Night Ranger's "Seven Wishes" and "Tell Your Vision". Kelly's nickname is "Boom Boom", and is quite famous for that name is Japan. He is a man that plays his drums with passion, which easily can be seen when he is playing live. When Kelly is joined by his best friend, Jack Blades, the two form an awesome songwriting-duo. Many describe the two as an equal to John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. Kelly has participated in numerous fundraisers, raising money for the sick and the homeless, with his buddy Jim Peterik and their band World Stage. Kelly wrote the super Night Ranger smash-hit "Sister Christian", a song about his sister named Christy. Kelly is engaged to his wonderful girlfriend Monique. Kelly is currently using Drum Workshop drums, Sabian cymbals and Vic Firth drumsticks.

Here are the "Ex Rangers & Temporary Rangers" that have been in the band:

Alan Fitzgerald
Keyboards, Vocals
Jesse Bradman
Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Watson
Guitars, Vocals
Gary Moon
Bass, Lead vocals
Michael Lardie
Keyboards, Vocals
Reb Beach
Guitars, Vocals
Christian Cullen
Keyboards, Vocals

Alan Fitzgerald (1980-2003) - The man behind the beard, hat and glasses. This longtime keyboard and bass veteran is an experienced musician who has played with classic acts for many years, such as Montrose, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen. "Fitz" has spent quite some time in the past years playing live with both Aerosmith and Van Halen. Alan was the man who keept the original sound of Night Ranger intact throughout all those years. Fitz is well known in the music biz, and very few can play the keyboards like he can. Fitz is a family man, and just a kind man in general. He left Night Ranger in 2003 in pursuit of other projects. Fitz is using Alesis keyboards.

Jesse Bradman (1988-1989) - Keyboard player. Formerly with the band Innocent, now with his new band Jesse's Powertrip. When Night Ranger's longtime keyboard player and founder, Alan Fitzgerald left Night Ranger for the first time in 1988 to spend more time with his family, Night Ranger (Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis) hired Jesse Bradman to play keyboards and sing background vocals on their new album "Man In Motion", and to play keyboards on the bands "Man In Motion" tour. Jesse did a great job, as you can hear on the albums "Man In Motion" and "Live In Japan". You can also see Jesse play keyboards live on the "Japan In Motion" concert video, shot on tour in Japan in 1988.

Jeff Watson (1980-2007) - An awesome guitar player. Jeff invented the 8 finger tapping technique and plays with an amazing speed and preciscion. If you watch closely, you can see Jeff's guitar shooting fire and smoke when he's playing! That's how fast he is... Jeff also plays with his friends Joe Lynn Turner, Bob Daisley and Aynsley Dunbar in the hard rockin' band Mother's Army. Jeff is also a busy songwriter and has written and played for a lot of big artists including Chris Isaak. Jeff loves hard rock, but has a soft spot for classical music as well. You can hear Jeff sing lead vocals on his second solo album "Around The Sun", and he sounds really good! Jeff likes to hang around with friends, and enjoys tennis, water skiing and other sports in his spare time. Sadly, after 27 years, Jeff left Night Ranger in 2007. Jeff is using Gibson and Hamer guitars.

Gary Moon (1993-1995) - Lead singer, bass player and madman. Formerly with the Jeff Paris band. Gary, who was the new bass player and lead singer in the new trio version of Night Ranger, co-wrote some great tunes with Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis, and delivered some raw lead vocals and stellar bass playing on the "Feeding Off The Mojo" album. Gary was with Night Ranger when the band was just Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis and Gary Moon. The trio toured the US in the early to mid 1990's and released the album "Feeding Off The Mojo" in 1995. Gary has also delivered some stellar vocals on Brad's solo album "Alligator", and has done some rockin' solo work himself.

Michael Lardie (2003-2007) - Keyboard player, formely of Great White. Michael replaced the legendary Alan "Fitz"gerald who left the band in 2003. Michael has been with Night Ranger since that year. Michael has also been busy playing with CC Deville's band Samantha 7 before joining Night Ranger. Michael is also an amazing producer and engineer, and has been involved with many big projects and artists such as Kevin DuBrow, Dokken and more. He is also an all-round good guy.

Reb Beach (2007-2009) - Guitar player, of Winger and Whitesnake. Reb jumped right in when Jeff Watson quit the band back in 2007. Jeff was just finished recording for the "Hole In The Sky" album when he quit, and this is when Reb jumped into the band. Reb's without a doubt one of the best guitar players in the world, which you can hear from his work in Winger and Whitesnake. Reb has alsi played for Alice Cooper and Dokken. He toured with Night Ranger for a couple of years, through USA and Japan, and did an outstanding job "standing in Jeff Watson's shoes", NOT an easy task, rest be assured. But Reb's classic "tooshy dance" sure helped on stage!

Christian Matthew Cullen (2007-2011) - Keyboard player, of Pride Of Lions. Christian took over after Michael Lardie left the band, and did a whole lot of live shows with Night Ranger. While never raking place in a studio recording, he sure did a great job live. Christian was also a very joyful guy, and always had a smile on his face.

(Updated: May 18th, 2011)