This Night Ranger website was created back in 1996, and has since then, changed design several times, and been updated constantly. In 2002, the domain name was bought. In 2004, after two years of online time, the Webmaster decided that he would move this site to a bigger and better server. Unfortunately, during the transfer-period to the new server, some stranger stole the domain name, and the website was forced to several months of downtime. This resulted in a domain name change, and lots of extra work for the Webmaster. Finally, the website got back online, on September 21st 2004. Though, with a new domain name. And now I can proudly say that this website is here to stay. So if you wanna check in on what Night Ranger is doing in the future, what they have done in the past, or what they are doing right NOW, you know where to surf. The Webmaster does not earn money from running this website. The webmaster is running this site on his own expenses, just to pay a tribute to the amazing band we know as Night Ranger. was created by fans, for the fans of Night Ranger, and for Night Ranger!

As of Tuesday April 27th 2004, the website is running on a server, boasting the capacity of this website to a whopping 10.000 MegaBytes! Until that date, this website has been running on a 40 MegaBytes server, which simply just wasn't enough. Expect many cool extras on this website in the future, such as mp3 samples from every single Night Ranger and related album ever, Night Ranger music and concert videos, and much more!

LATEST NEWS: As of TODAY, Friday September 1st 2006, this website is running on a 25.000 MegaBytes server over at Globat's. I just signed up for another 2 years of webhosting, in honor of Night Ranger. Let's hope for many more years of live music with the Rangers! :)

Thanks to: Night Ranger.
Long-time Night Ranger web-pioneer Kyle Davis, the wonderful Stacey Z for supplying a ton of Night Ranger and related video material, Fiona B for the latest two music videos "New York Time" and "Sign Of The Times", and Rebecca for helping me create this website!

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(Updated: September 1st, 2006)