(Updated May 18th, 2011)

It's 2011, and Night Ranger is ROCKIN' like never before!!!! If you are a Night Ranger fan looking for news on the band, you have come to the right place! You GOTTA check out what has happened with Night Ranger in the years since they got back together in 1996. They have done some seriously amazing stuff, like FIVE killer studio albums, a bunch of new live albums, and several side projects. Below you'll find the latest and greatest that the members of this awesome band have done since the Night Ranger reunion back in 1996. Now, check these albums out, then Motor out there and BUY them! If you do that, you will support your FAVORITE band, and who knows, maybe they will release more albums soon! Our very favorite Rangers are on the road every year, proving that they can STILL Rock In America!!! Keep Rockin' !!! - Webmaster

Night Ranger's brand new 2011 studio album!!! (2011) NIGHT RANGER - "SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA" Night Ranger is back with a vengeance! More oldschool than ever, "Somewhere In California" is Night Ranger's first studio album in 4 years since 2007's "Hole In The Sun". Check out the best Night Ranger song in decades, "Growin' Up In California" which also has a brand new music video! 2011 will be the best Night Ranger year yet! Release: June 17th in Europe and June 21st in North America on Frontiers Records.
Night Ranger's new studio album!!! (2008) NIGHT RANGER - "HOLE IN THE SUN" They're baaaaaack!!! Our favorite rockers are ready to blow the top off of every loudspeaker in the US this summer! Night Ranger NEVER sounded heavier than they do this time! "Tell Your Vision" is the opener that shocks you, "Whatever Happened" will be a radio smash-hit, and "You're Gonna Hear From Me" is going to be THE live song of 2008! Get ready, America! There's a HOLE IN THE SUN!!! US release: July 1st, 2008
Night Ranger's new studio album!!! (2007) NIGHT RANGER - "HOLE IN THE SUN" Night Ranger is back with a new studio album, and they're hungry for revenge! This time, the boys are bringing out the big guns, shredding more guitars than ever! You have NEVER heard Night Ranger this heavy, ever, EVER before! The album-opener "Tell Your Vision" alone will rock your socks, pants and underwear off!! European release: April 20th 2007, USA: January, 2008.
Kelly's second solo album!!!! (2007) KELLY KEAGY - "I'M ALIVE" Kelly is back with his second solo album filled with killer tunes, surprising melodic hooks, deep warm lead vocals and amazing lyrics! With tunes co-written by his friend Jim Peterik, this album is a must-have for all lovers of Melodic Rock! Welcome to rock'n roll paradise, people!! Order your new Kelly Keagy "I'm Alive" album TODAY! Release date: January 26th 2007
Jack's new debut solo album!!!! (2005) NIGHT RANGER - "HITS, ACOUSTIC & RARITIES" Night Ranger released this fresh re-recording of their classics in 2005, and it sure is a must-have for both old and new fans of the band. The band never sounded better, and there are a few small surprises on this album as well. Produced by Michael Lardie of Great White. This is the greatest hits package to look for in stores!
Jack's new debut solo album!!!! (2004) JACK BLADES - "JACK BLADES" Jack Blades will be releasing his brand new debut solo album February 23, 2004 in Europe. Get ready for something very special dear Fans! Jack has produced some beautiful melodies this time. Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis, Jeff Watson, Tommy Shaw and Neal Schol plus Jack's son Colin also performs on the the album! Also prepare yourself for the incredible, and highly melodic tune, in typical Night Ranger style, called "Sea Of Emotions".. Well done Jack!
Kelly's new solo album!!!! (2001) KELLY KEAGY - "TIME PASSES" Kelly Keagy has released his new solo album called "Time Passes" in Japan on March 23, 2001 and in Europe on April 9, 2001, on the Frontier Records / Now & Then Productions label. This is a KILLER album, with ALL songs sung by Kelly Keagy himself. Guest performances include Night Ranger's Jeff Watson, Brad Gillis, Jack Blades and also Jim Peterik from Survivor and World Stage!
Brad's second solo album!!!! (2000) BRAD GILLIS - "ALLIGATOR" Brad Gillis has released his new solo album called "Alligator" in Japan and USA, and in Europe thorugh the Frontier Records / Now & Then Productions label. This is one roaring rock album with catchy songs that you will love! Gary Moon is on lead vocals. Also, you will get to hear Brad himself sing lead on the album. You need to get this album NOW!
Jeff's second solo album!!!! (1999) JEFF WATSON - "AROUND THE SUN" Jeff Watson has released his second solo album in the US, called "Around The Sun". This beautiful album features Steve Walsh on lead vocals, Bob Daisley on bass, just to mention a few performers. The big surprise here is that Jeff Watson himself sings lead on a few of the tracks! This is a varied and thoughtful album! Wonderful!
Click here to purchase 'Seven' (1998) NIGHT RANGER - "SEVEN" Night Ranger's latest studio album "Seven" was released on Saturday March 28, 1998 in Japan by Zero Corporation, and in the US on July 14th, by CMC International Records. Features guest stars Tommy Shaw and Jack Russell. Includes the rockin' masterpiece "Sign Of The Times" praised by reviewers in Rolling Stone Magazine!
Click here to purchase 'Neverland' (1997) NIGHT RANGER - "NEVERLAND" Finally, the moment everbody was waiting for! They are BACK! Night Ranger's comeback album "Neverland", the first album from the original band in 10 years, was released early 1997 in Japan by Zero Corporation and in the summer of 1997 in the US by Sony Music. "Neverland" includes the hard rocker "New York Time" and the hit-single "Forever All Over Again".

(May 18th, 2011)

Are you ready for some news almost too good to be true dear Night Ranger fans?

* Night Ranger is coming to Europe!!!
* Night Ranger has made their first new music video in 13 years!!!
* Night Ranger is releasing a brand new studio album THIS June (2011) !!!

Now, what does THAT feel like, huh? Three big rockin' bombs dropped right in your face!!??!?!? ;) It's really true though! They ARE coming to Europe! Which will be their first time in Europe in about 25 years. I believe their last time over here was in 1987 on the "Big Life World Tour". Night Ranger played in Germany in 1985/1986 as well, on the "7 Wishes Tour". But now it's TIME for some new Ranger action over Europe! Here are the official tour dates for Night Ranger in Europe 2011:

JUNE 2011:

17th Hannover, Germany - Parkbuehne

18th Esslingen (Stuttgart), Germany - Richard-Hirschmann Eisstadion

19th Winterthur, Switzerland - Eishalle Deutweg

21st Milan, Italy - Fiera Arena

22nd Augsburg (Nuremburg), Germany - Schwabenhalle

23rd London, Uinted Kingdom - o2 Academy Islington (headlining show)

25th St. Goarshausen, GER Loreley Freilchtbuhne

Night Ranger just released a music video for their new single "Growin' Up In California". The guys look happy and energetic, just the way we know and love them! And what a KILLER track this is! Dual synchronized guitar attacks, wild choruses, catchy melody - This is what Night Ranger is famous for! Exactly THIS! ... Biggest hit of the summer 2011 anyway? Oh yeah, baby!!!

Here is "Growin' Up In California" by Night Ranger, 2011:

And if that wasn't enough... Night Ranger is releasing a brand new studio album this June, called "Somewhere In California". Jack Blades says this will be a much more classic sounding Night Ranger album, tracing their roots back to "Midnight Madness". Just listen to the new anthem "Growin' Up In California" and you'll get the picture! This will be Night Ranger guitar player Joel Hoekstra's first time recording a studio album with Night Ranger, as well as Eric Levy, who recently joined the band. This will be the best Night Ranger album in decades!!!

Here's the track listing for "Somewhere In California" (2011):

1.) Growin’ Up In California
2.) Lay It On Me
3.) Bye Bye Baby (Not Tonight)
4.) Follow Your Heart
5.) Time Of Our Lives
6.) No Time To Lose Ya
7.) Live For Today
8.) It’s Not Over
9.) End Of The Day
10.) Rock N’ Roll Tonite
11.) Say It With Love
12.) Coming of Age (featuring Ted Nugent) – Bonus track for AmazonMP3
13.) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Bonus track for iTunes

(May 18th, 2011)

Dear Night Ranger fans,

I apologize for the big break, it's been nearly 4 years since I have updated this news page. A lot has happened since then, both with the band and with my personally, the Webmaster of the NightRangerWeb.net website. I have gotten a disease called "Secondary Hypopituitarism" which has made my life a living hell. I have not been able to travel nor do anything else than lying on my couch or in my bed for the past 4 years. I am currently seeing a specialist down in Brussels, Belgium for this condition and I hope to be able to find some sort of balance so I can once again live a like somewhat similar to the amazing life I had before... I want to thank Night Ranger, crew and friends for giving me a really fun and interesting life between 1999 and 2008. You've been my main drive, my life-spark! And I Love You guys!

Thomas, Webmaster

(September 5, 2007)

Well, time for an update in the big world of Night Ranger!

First of all, Jeff Watson is not with Night Ranger anymore. Jeff left the band to pursuit his own projects.

The good news is that guitarist-extraordinaire Reb Beach of Winger, Dokken and more recently, Whitesnake has joined Night Ranger for the year of 2007. No words in what will happen with Reb's position in the band for the next year and so on. More informaton on that later!

Michael Lardie has taken the summer off, and keyboard player Christian has been hired by the band for the summer tour as well.

"Hole In The Sun" is set for an US release in January 2008 by VH-1.

Night Ranger's 2007 USA tour is going well, with sold outs shows everywhere!!!

And dear Night Ranger fans in Europe.. Get ready for good news to come very soon!

(April 11th, 2007)

THIS JUST IN.........................

Get ready for the worst Night Ranger news since the band broke up in 1989:

Jeff Watson is out of Night Ranger!!!

We are all saddened to learn this. Night Ranger ain't the same without Jeff. More details coming soon.

(April 6th, 2007)

"Hole In The Sun", Night Ranger's brand new studio album is coming out in just a couple of weeks from today! Actually, it's only 12 days away for all Europeans! The album will be released by Frontiers Records on April 20th in Europe, and around the same time in Japan. A US release will follow soon. For those of you who haven't heard sound samples from the new album.. Let me assure you; This is THE heaviest Night Ranger album ever, and features freakin' extreme guitarplaying by Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis, bad-ass vocal performances from both Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy, lyrics with a serious attitude, and some incredible melodies. The wait is almost over... Night Ranger will make a hole in the sun soon!!!

(January 1st, 2007)

Happy New Year dear Night Ranger fans! Get ready for an action-packed Night Ranger year! 2007 will be HUGE for the band and their fans! A new studio album, a new live album, a new live dvd, a new tour and more is coming up in the coming months! Prepare yourselves....

(December 2nd, 2006)

Hot news about the TWO new Night Ranger albums coming out in early 2007. Below you'll see the tracklistings for both albums! You will also see the title for the new Night Ranger studio album! It sounds HOT, I tell ya! Release dates for these two albums are early 2007.

The new Live album:

Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Four In The Morning
Rumors In The Air
Sentimental Street
Seven Wishes
Sing Me Away
Sister Christian
When You Close Your Eyes
(You Can Still) Rock In America

The new studio album called "Hole In The Sun" :

Tell Your Vision
Drama Queen
Whatever Happened
There is Life
Rock Star
You're Gonna Hear From Me
Fool in Me
White Knuckle Ride
Revelation 4 a.m.
Hole in the Sun
Wrap it Up

In other news, Kelly Keagy's AMAZING new solo album, titled "I'm Alive" will be released by Frontiers Records on January 26th 2007. More release dates are coming soon! Below is the tracklisting for Kelly's new killer album:

I’m Alive
Blink of an Eye
When Nobody’s Looking
Back of Your Mind
Life Worth Remembering
World Before and After
Where Are We Now
Where the Road Ends
Everything I Need in a Woman
Call In Another Day
Half a World Away

(September 1st, 2006)

Latest news on the new Night Ranger studio album is that it'll be released in 2007. The guys are very busy this year, so a 2007 release is perfect! Prepare yourself for a fresh new album from the guys!

Kelly Keagy is workin on his second solo album. He likes his new material a lot, so it should be a killer album when it comes out!

The new Shaw / Blades album is also highly anticipated. More info on that soon!

Did you know Night Ranger are playing a cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" at their live shows these days? I've witnessed this song live, and it's amazing how Night Ranger breathes new life into this old classic! In my opinion, it sounds much better than the original. There's a vocal duet between Jack and Kelly in this song. It sounds so cool!!!!! And the guitar work by Brad and Jeff is just... Wow!!!

Well, it's been a while now, and it's pretty much certain that Fitz is not in Night Ranger any longer. I hope you're happy doing your things, Fitz! You will be missed! But, Michael Lardie, who replaced Fitz, is doing one helluva job! Keep up the good work Michael! And once again, welcome to the band!!!

(August 22nd, 2006)

For all you Jack Blades fans, and I know there's a lot of you, check out this piece of cool news!

Press Release / New York, NY--(Market Wire)--Aug 22, 2006 -- On October 24, 2006 Restless Records will release Butchering The Beatles -- featuring the biggest, the baddest, the heaviest all-star line-up ever assembled to honor what is arguably the greatest band ever -- The Beatles. All-in-all, over 50 internationally known recording artists bring their unique bone-crushing slant to these remarkable songs. Produced by Grammy award-winning producer/guitarist Bob Kulick and ace engineer Brett Chassen, Butchering The Beatles features 12 new, ass-kicking versions of The Beatles' chart-topping hits including "Hey Jude," "I Feel Fine," and "Day Tripper," plus the more esoteric "Hey Bulldog," barked out by the legendary Alice Cooper and "Tomorrow Never Knows," uniquely interpreted by the iconic Billy Idol, alongside classic concept songs like "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "Magical Mystery Tour."

When asked by Guitar Player magazine what possessed him to go all metal on The Beatles, Bob Kulick stated that, "Beatles songs are the Holy Grail. They're the best rock songs ever written. These new recordings are totally faithful, yet completely different. Billy Gibbons singing 'Revolution' or (Motorhead bassist) Lemmy singing 'Back In The USSR' are not exactly Paul McCartney or John Lennon. And of course, the guitar solo sections were lengthened to accommodate all the artists' solo styles."

Butchering The Beatles track listing:
1. "Hey Bulldog" - Alice Cooper, vox; Steve Vai, guitars; Duff McKagen (Velvet Revolver / Guns N Roses), bass; Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), drums.
2. "Back In The USSR" - Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), vox/bass; John5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie), guitars; Eric Singer (Kiss / Alice Cooper), drums.
3. "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Geoff Tate (Queensryche), vox; Michael Wilton (Queensryche), guitar; Craig Goldy (Dio), guitar; Rudy Sarzo (Dio), bass; Simon Wright (Dio), drums; Scott Warren (Dio), keys.
4. "Tomorrow Never Knows" - Billy Idol, vox; Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), guitars; Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), bass; Brian Tichy (Billy Idol), drums.
5. "Magical Mystery Tour" - Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen / Soul Sirkus), vox; Yngwie Malmsteen (Rising Force / Alcatrazz), lead guitar; Bob Kulick, (Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band), rhythm guitar; Jeff Pilson (Dokken / Foreigner), bass; Frankie Banali (Wasp / Quiet Riot), drums.
6. "Revolution" - Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), vox / guitar; Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard), guitar; Mike Porcaro (Toto), bass; Gregg Bisonnette (David Lee Roth / Ringo Starr Band), drums; Joseph Fazzio (Superjoint Ritual), drums.
7. "Day Tripper" - Jack Blades (Night Ranger / Damn Yankees), vox; Tommy Shaw (Styx / Damn Yankees), vox; Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake / Dio), guitars; Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), bass; Virgil Donati (Steve Vai / Soul Sirkus / Planet X), drums.
8. "I Feel Fine" - John Bush (Anthrax), vox; Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), guitar; Mike Inez (Ozzy Osbourne / Alice In Chains), bass; John Tempesta (The Cult / Testament), drums.
9. "Taxman" - Doug Pinnick (Kings X), vox; Steve Lukather (Toto), guitar; Tony Levin (John Lennon / Peter Gabriel), bass; Steve Ferrone (Eric Clapton / Tom Petty), drums.
10. "I Saw Her Standing There" - John Corabi (Motley Crue), vox; Phil Campbell (Motorhead), guitar; C.C. Deville (Poison), guitar; Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction), bass; Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins / Jon Bon Jovi), drums.
11. "Hey Jude" - Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest / Iced Earth), vox; George Lynch (Dokken / Lynch Mob), guitar; Bob Kulick (Meat Loaf / Paul Stanley Band), rhythm guitar; Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge / Beck / Bogert & Appice), bass; Chris Slade (AC/DC), drums.
12. "Drive My Car" - Kip Winger (Winger), vox; Bruce Kulick (Kiss / Grand Funk), guitar; Tony Franklin (The Firm / Whitesnake), bass; Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake / Journey), drums.

(July 4th, 2006)

Dare Force guitarist Brian Bart e-mailed in with an update. Over to Brian: "Just thought I would drop you a line about some new Dare Force material with Dave Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir), our old singer. We have songs on myspace.com/dareforce and myspace.com/logicstudio (I also have an unreleased Kelly Keagy song on this co-written by Jimmy Peterik, Kelly and I).
I just did a few solo's on Kelly Keagy's new album. Should be out this fall
. The new website is www.brianbart.com."
Go check the very talented Brian Bart out now.

From MelodicRock.com:
Gunnar Nelson has a side project called Scrap Metal, featuring the line-up of Gunnar, Mark Slaughter (Slaughter) and Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger). The guys will next play on July 4 at Riverfront Park, Nashville, TN. On this occasion, special guest Matthew Nelson will also join the line-up.

(June 6th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com: JACK'S MUSICAL OF AGES!
He's turning into a bit of a roving reporter for the site, and Dan Clavadetscher is at it again! This time he has been to see the Vegas version of the Rock Of Ages musical featuring Jack Blades as part of the cast. Here is Dan's report!
- As promised, here is the review of Jack Blades performance at the closing night of the play, Rock of Ages, on Saturday, May 20, at the Flamingo Las Vegas.
Set list of songs performed (including original artist):
Nothin' But a Good Time Poison (vocals by Blades & cast) . Sister Christian Night Ranger (Blades on stage for dialogue only) . I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister . Too Much Time on My Hands - Styx (vocals by Blades & cast) . We Built This City Starship . Heaven Warrant . Wanted Dead or Alive Bon Jovi . I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner . Cum On Feel the Noize Quiet Riot (vocals by Blades & cast/Blades dialogue) . Harden My Heart Quarterflash . Shadows of the Night Pat Benatar . Final Countdown Europe (vocals by Blades & cast) . Here I Go Again Whitesnake (vocals by Blades & cast) . Any Way You Want It Journey . High Enough Damn Yankees . Kiss Me Deadly Lita Ford . I Hate Myself For Lovin You Joan Jett & the Blackhearts . Heat of the Moment Asia . Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar . Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon (Blades duet with Josh Greene) . Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison (vocals by Blades & cast) . Renegade Styx (Blades dialogue) . Oh Sherrie Steve Perry . The Search is Over Survivor . Don't Stop Believin' Journey (vocals by Blades & cast).

"What is left to do after you have sold more than 10 million records, headed up two multi-platinum rock bands, penned songs for everyone from Journey to Aerosmith, produced a number of albums and performed with a Beatle? If you are Jack Blades, you join the cast of a cult musical set in the 1980s. After attending the play with longtime friend and legendary guitarist, Neal Schon, in Los Angeles, Blades decided to join the cast. He is quoted in the musical's advertisement as saying, "I loved it so much, I'm in it now". Following a successful Los Angeles run in February and March, Rock of Ages returned for a limited engagement at the Flamingo Las Vegas from May 13-20.
Set on the fabled Sunset Strip in the 1980s, Rock of Ages takes place in a club bearing the same name. Corporate America is attempting to close the joint and destroy the dreams of those who inhabit it. Told largely through the lyrics of the 25 hit songs featured, Rock of Ages completely captures why people love hair metal. To many, the music is about memorable musicians, well-written songs and having fun. Although there is a story, what resonates is nostalgia for the great tunes that inhabit the nearly two-hour show.
On the closing night of its eight-day Las Vegas run, Blades did not act like a novice actor as he delivered his lines convincingly, earned laughs and sang other artists songs as if they were his own. Replacing actor/musician Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) in the role of Rock of Ages owner, Dennis Dupree, Blades donned a 1982 Triumph Never Surrender Tour shirt and made his first appearance during the show opener, Nothin But a Good Time.
Midway through and 12 songs later, Jack went into the audience while singing Here I Go Again and hugged a female fan named Linda Huskey. Donning a Night Ranger tour t-shirt, the Seattle-based fan revealed after the show that she had seen the band 42 times in the past three years and that she learned about Blades appearance in the musical when she read Andrew's note at www.melodicrock.com [Nice one Linda!]. The highlight of the night for Blades fans occurred when the Sonoma County, Calif., resident sang a wacky duet of Can't Fight This Feeling with actor Josh Greene. Without giving away the context of the song, the REO Speedwagon hit brought the largest laughs of the evening. Minutes later, the night concluded with a rousing version of Don't Stop Believin', in which audience members were brought on stage to dance and sing with the cast.

Following the show, Blades said that Night Ranger is still working on the new album, the upcoming Shaw/Blades covers record Influence would be released by the end of the summer and that his son, Colin, also is busy with his sophomore disc. It also is interesting to note that, although the musical features two songs written by Blades (Sister Christian and High Enough), the musician/writer/producer/actor did not sing on either song."
Thanks Dan!

(May 17th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com:
More good press for the Rock Of Ages musical, now on in Las Vegas:
'80s-rock musical 'Rock of Ages' is stuffing the Flamingo full of power ballads - By Mike Weatherford, Review-Journal Las Vegas.
"For us it all started with Journey," says Matt Weaver. Not a journey, mind you, but the Don't Stop Believin' Journey. "We thought, this song is so theatrical, it's not far from songs you might hear on Broadway," says Weaver, co-producer of "Rock of Ages -- The Musical," an ode to fist-pumping '80s rock that's getting a trial run at the Flamingo through May 20.
The new musical enjoyed a 25-day run in Hollywood, but "we designed the show for Vegas," says co-producer Carl Levin. "We've had tunnel vision about Vegas from the start."
And why not? Along with its common-man tastes and revolving tourist count, the city was the only one in the U.S. to host "We Will Rock You." The Queen musical showed how easily "You're My Best Friend" could transform into show-tuney love song.
Being a Queen musical, however, meant that not everyone knew "Seven Seas of Rhye" as well as they did the title song. "Rock of Ages" isn't exclusive to one group, and the song list sounds like a typical FM drive-time shift of the era Everything from REO Speedwagon's "Can't Fight This Feeling" to Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again."
And if you forgot your disposable lighter, it's OK Every patron is issued one at the door. "The great thing about this music in the '80s, it was emotional, it wore its heart on its sleeve and it was really fun," Weaver says. "That's why we looked at that music and said it's perfect for theater." Weaver and business partner Carl Levin usually pitch motion picture and TV ideas through their Los Angeles-based Prospect Pictures. When one of their ideas for an '80s movie musical called "Time After Time" was optioned by Universal, the two decided they should get an '80s show onstage before someone else beat them to it.
While "Rock" didn't beat "The Wedding Singer" to Broadway -- where that show just opened -- Weaver says a big difference is, "We do not make fun of the '80s, not at all. I guarantee you'll see no Rubik's Cube and no parachute pants."
Instead, he says, "We're celebrating the '80s and we're putting this music on a pedestal. ... Do you know how proud I am that I got Whitesnake into a musical?" Many of the performers and songwriters of the day, from Bon Jovi to Poison, signed over song rights.
And the star of the Flamingo test run is none other than Jack Blades of Night Ranger, who gets to sing his own Sister Christian in the show. "I went to the play twice and I liked it so much I'm in it now," says Blades.
The play's fast track to Vegas is explained by a series of calls and recommendations. Blades was initially skeptical and opted to send his son to the first workshop reading of the musical. When his son came back with a thumb's up, Blades granted song rights and checked out the fully produced version himself.
The first time, he want with his Damn Yankees bandmate (and longtime Styx guitarist) Tommy Shaw. "We were completely blown away by it," he says. The second time, he took Journey guitarist Neal Schon. The two of them called Don Marrandino, whom Harrah's Entertainment had tapped to run Harrah's Las Vegas and the Flamingo, with an eye toward giving the Flamingo a makeover to draw a younger demographic. "They were calling me up, 'Man, you gotta see this,' " Marrandino says. "I would never go to a (conventional) musical," but this one "just knocked me out."
If the show returns for a permanent run, Marrandiono pictures rotating headliners such as Shaw or Las Vegas-based Quiet Riot frontman Kevin DuBrow.
Blades plays the owner of a Sunset Strip rock club that's in danger of being taken over by a German conglomerate. Kyle Gass, Jack Black's partner in Tenacious D, first played the role in Hollywood. In their fight to save the music and their club, the musical's theme emerges "The dreams you come to Hollywood looking for are not necessarily the dreams you wind up with," Weaver says.
Blades says it helps to be surrounded by theater professionals for his first attempt at acting beyond a music video. "I'm OK with being up onstage, because I've done that my entire adult life," he says. "Memorizing lines, maybe it comes a little bit easier because I memorize lyrics. But it's still a lot to think about."
"I'm enough of a rock 'n' roller that I do not want to suck," he adds with a laugh. He's also enough of a rocker that he hasn't considered the ramifications of what would happen if the show does dig in for a long run, and he signed on to perform right across the street from Celine Dion. "That's a horrifying thought."

(May 8th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com:
You might recall the mentioning and promoting of the LA's Rock of Ages musical. It's heading to Las Vegas soon, and in the local paper there last week was the following quote from Jack Blades: "I loved the show so much, that I'm in it now!"
Yes, indeed he is! Log into: www.rockofagesmusical.com. Sure enough, Jack is playing the part of Dennis Dupree (originated in Los Angeles by Kyle Gass of Tenacious D).
Thanks to Dan for the info and stay tuned for his review of the show shortly.

(April 19th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com:
Sad news to pass on - Gary Basile - Night Ranger and Prince tour manager sadly died on April 3. Night Ranger frontman Jack Blades had this to say: "Gary was a great guy and a terrific spirit. He will be greatly missed."
R.I.P. Gary and best wishes to his family.

(March 8th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com:
As I do every so often, I caught up with Jack Blades on the phone this week to get an update on his always busy schedule and pass along any updates.
And as usual, there are plenty. Looking back to start with, Jack had a huge February, starting with the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, where he headed up proceedings that included participants such as Cheap Trick, Gilby Clarke, Mickey Thomas, Kip Winger, Bruce Kulick, Roger Daltry, Neal Schon and may more.
The camp did not only benefit those that enrolled to hear the wisdom of those running it, but it also gave those gathered the chance to appreciate each other and take in a few jam sessions.

Bruce Kulick in fact, has just posted an update on his website regarding the camp. He states: "I was asked to be a counselor at David Fishof's Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp here in Los Angeles. Last year's was amazing and this year had many highlights that I will never forget. I hope you all saw me on The Learning Channel's two hour special that was recently shown to get a taste of what a great event it is to attend and be a part of.
This years counselors and special guests included Neal Schon...camp director and good friend Jack Blades from Night Ranger and Damn Yankees whom is always inspiring to work with, his great drummer Kelly Keagy from Night Ranger, and Micheal Lardie from Great White and Night Ranger who is always good for a laugh with me." Read Bruce's full account, with numerous pictures at: www.kulick.net/message.
MSNBC quotes Jack as saying of the camp participants: "I tell them, 'Look man, just go for it. That's your stage. At that moment, there's no one better than you. And believe me, you get some wild things happening up there."

Jack also took in the new rock n roll musical which lampoon's the 80's rock days. Rock Of Ages recently extended it's run in LA and features the music of Night Ranger, Styx, Damn Yankees, Journey, Def Leppard and more. Details at: www.rockofagesmusical.com.
Jack went to the opening night with Tommy Shaw, only to go back a couple of weeks later with Neal Schon in tow. This time the pair were pulled up on stage at the end of the show to join in the sing along.

On a more serious note, Jack also appeared at the Don Felder (The Eagles) benefit held for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Alice Cooper, Stephen Stills, Cheech Marin and Tommy Shaw were just a few names who also appeared.
Highlight of the show says Jack, was the guys all on stage with Cheech Marin, doing their version of the er, "classic" track Born In East LA!

So what's next? The Night Ranger album is coming along - "a little slower" than Jack might have liked, but it remains on schedule for a mid-year release, with Kelly Keagy currently working on drum parts in his studio and Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis working on guitar parts up at Jeff's studio. The long delayed Shaw/Blades album should finally start getting some publicity shortly, with Jack promising "some major positive news soon..."
And finally to touring - Night Ranger have not yet decided on their 2006 schedule, but there are rumors of a pairing them with Ted Nugent and Styx and therefore creating the possibility of a Damn Yankees set. This idea is not a new one and at this stage the 2006 idea is "a possibility, but definitely not set." Stay tuned for further updates when available.

(March 7th, 2006)

THE SCENE AND HEARD - "You can't coop up five big-name rockers in the same space for more than a week and not have friction. I hear MTV's "Supergroup" participants Sebastian Bach and Evan Seinfeld engaged in fisticuffs back at the Parisian Palace after a night out last week."
WebLink: www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2006/Mar-05-Sun-2006/news/6202830.html.
In additon to that, I just spoke to Night Ranger/Damn Yankees frontman Jack Blades, who confirms that VH1 flew him and Tommy Shaw out to Las Vegas for a day of filming for the TV show plus a walk-on for the duo, joining fellow Damn Yankee Ted Nugent and the guys on stage that night.

(February 24th, 2006)

From MelodicRock.com:
I was fortunate enough to catch Night Ranger drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy on the phone for a short time this morning. I am happy to say that Kelly gave the ok to report some aspects of that conversation.
At the time I called, Kelly was online with Jim Peterik, sharing files of rough mixes from Kelly's upcoming solo album, which will be released later this year on Frontiers Records.
Kelly had just returned from the "very intensive" Rock N Roll Fantasy Band Camp in LA, where he and camp director Jack Blades guided some fellow musicians with the help of Journey's Neal Schon, Roger Daltry, Cheap Trick, Bruce Kulick, Kip Winger and more!
Kelly is busy working on the new solo album, which after some further mixing should be completed in about a month. Of the new album Kelly says: "I think it is even better than the last album - especially song wise..."
A tentative title for the album is Blink Of An Eye. Some of the songs being worked on for the release are: Blink Of An Eye, Stolen, I'm Alive, Half A World Away, You're Everything I Need In A Woman, The World Before And After (a major uptempo rocker with a 'big drum' ending!), When Nobody's Looking and Reimagine (An 'eerie/cool' track with pays tribute to John Lennon).
Kelly is scheduled to head back to the studio in California to complete work on the new Night Ranger album in a few weeks time. He says the band are still working on it and need to cut a few more songs yet and add additional vocal parts to what is already in the can. And it seems the guys are also working on completing that Live In Japan 2004 record which was previewed with the one track on the recent Hits Acoustic & Rarities record.
Stay tuned for more news from Kelly Keagy and Night Ranger soon!

(November 22nd, 2005)

Dear fans, prepare yourself for something really, REALLY cool!!! A new Night Ranger studio RE-RECODING was released today: "Hits, Acoustic & Rarities" is to be found in stores everywhere from today! Please let your local music store know if they do not have this album. It sure it something special! Songs like "When You Close Your Eyes", "Sentimental Street" and "Rumors In The Air" NEVER sounded better than THIS!!! The band re-recorded their biggest hits and released them all over again in a new and improved package! Forget about the original "Greatest Hits" album, THIS is the one you need to grab!!! Even if you already own the original "Greatest Hits" album, this one is a MUST have! The classics sound SO incredibly fresh! The sound mix, production, vocals, instruments - It all sounds better than EVER! Unbelieveable work by the guys! Congratulations Night Ranger! Wow, Night Ranger - They only get better by age.... AMAZING!!!

(November 4th, 2005)

Word from Kelly Keagy:
Jack and his wife Molly were involved in a car wreck Friday. Luckily, they are ok! Jack and Molly were on their way out with a friend who was driving, when a 4WD came out of nowhere and rammed the side of the car. The trio was thankfully travelling in a Mercedes, which are built tough. An ambulance was called and the guys were later checked out in hospital. Jack says he still has a stiff neck and Molly's arm is not yet perfect, but they are otherwise ok. A little twist - the attending medical officer recognized Jack and professed to being a huge fan! Back at the hospital the staff were looking Jack up on the Internet...all apparently while Jack sat there in his robe. Very rock n roll!

To more positive news, the rest of the band will meet up in the studio from Monday next week to start work on the final sessions for the new Night Ranger album. Jack is very enthusiastic about the material, adding that there is a huge piano ballad on the album sung by Kelly Keagy that "sounds like the next Sister Christian." Jack says he has asked Brad and Jeff for a lot of guitars and there is one particular big anthem on the record that fans are going to love. The record should be completed by the time the Christmas holidays are underway and will be released in the new year. Kelly Keagy also talked about the new material, saying that the band wanted growth from the material, but have kept it "very melodic".

But fans don't have to wait until early next year for a new Night Ranger album! No, you can get one November 22 when Hits, Acoustic & Rarities is released in North America. This album is in fact, the new album of re-recorded hits that the band completed over the last couple of months. The album is to be released by the new American label i-Rock Entertainment - a subsidiary of Universal Music. i-Rock websites can be found at: www.irock.com or www.myspace.com/irockentertainment. The track listing for the new album is: Don't Tell Me You Love Me . Sister Christian . Rock In America . Sing Me Away . Sentimental Street . Four In The Morning . Touch Of Madness . Goodbye . When You Close Your Eyes . Sister Christian - (Acoustic) . Don't Tell Me You Love Me - (Live 2003). Jack says Don't Tell Me You Love Me is from the shows recorded in Japan in 2003. There remains a chance of these full live recordings seeing the light of day in some form. Sister Christian (Acoustic) is from the first volume of Metal Mania Stripped series. Kelly says the new recordings feature some of the band's best ever vocals, as they are now seasoned veterans. The new versions have some of the live feel that the songs have developed after 25 years of touring and playing them. Kelly says they had to peg themselves back at times to stay true to the original versions, but still have some new parts. He says look out especially for the new version of Goodbye! Still on Kelly - he will meet up with Jim Peterik in 3 weeks time to complete the writing sessions for his next solo album, which will definitely be released next year. Night Ranger duties have prevented it from being completed this year, but he says 8 songs are now done and he will enlist help from Jack Blades also. As for the style - a natural progression from the debut, but the same style with long time friend Brian Bart looking set to contribute some guitar parts again.

To close, Jack Blades says the long awaited Shaw/Blades album should now be released around January 2006.

(September 21st, 2005)

The Night Ranger guys are currently working on the new studio album and the new release date is set to be sometime early 2006. Can't wait to find out what the guys have come up with this time!

Well, some of you might know this, but for those of you who don't know:

There's a new Night Ranger member in town! Michael Lardie (of Great White) is currently replacing Fitz on keyboards, both in the studio and on the road. We welcome Michael to the band, and wish you a good time with the Night Ranger boys! Michael has been playing with Night Ranger for a while, but deserves a welcome from NightRangerWeb.net! :) Fitz is currently on tour with Bruce Springsteen and his band, playing keyboards. Fitz is a very respected keyboard player and it seems like everyone wants a piece of him! Good luck Fitz, and we wish you all the best! Hope to see you again one day!

(September 20th, 2005)

For those of you who don't know, Jack Blades is a part of the hugely popular Japanese band TMG (Tak Matsumoto Group), along with Tak Matsumoto himself, and Eric Martin (of Mr. Big) on lead vocals! The new album we're talking about here is called "TMG 1", and is a masterpiece. There is also a new live DVD out with TMG and Jack Blades performing. The DVD is called "Dodge The Bullet", and you should get this DVD as soon as possible! Jack Blades - Perhaps the best frontman in the world, live on stage.... Go get this stuff right now!!!!!! :)

(September 19th, 2005)

There's a new Shaw & Blades album in the works. "Influence" is due to be released before the years end, and is a cover album, with hits from big bands in the 1960's and 1970's. Sounds good! Let's hope we'll get a listen to this baby soon! :)

(September 2nd, 2005)

Jack Blades and his son Colin have been workin on some new tracks for Colin's second solo album. Colin has been in talks with producer Oliver Leiber on doing the follow up to 2003's Connoisseur release titled "Colin Blades". Sounds good, Colin! Good luck, and hope to hear your new album soon!

(July 11th, 2005)

From MelodicRock.com:
This in from Night Ranger guitarist Jeff Watson. Sadly, record producer Pat Glasser has passed away. Pat was the man behind Night Ranger's three biggest albums. Pat was also behind albums from Refugee, Rail and Giuffria.
"Night Ranger loses a friend....
It is with a heavy heart and more than a quarter century of friendship, love, fond reflection and respect that we sadly note today the passing of our first producer Pat Glasser.
In 1981 Pat took a group of five unknown young musicians - Jack Blades, Jeff Watson, Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy and Alan Fitzgerald - and put every ounce of his energy, talent, heart, and soul into taking us to the top of our game.
After recording numerous demos together, tirelessly shopping our tapes to every label only to be met with seemingly endless rejection, he eventually landed us a record deal and successfully produced our first album Dawn Patrol that launched Night Ranger's career.
Pat went on to produce our next two albums; Midnight Madness, which contained our biggest hit Sister Christian, and our third effort Seven Wishes, which contained the singles Sentimental Street and Goodbye. These were our three biggest studio albums to date, and due in no small way to Pats involvement and production.
His early belief and vision in us was the glue that bonded this fledgling band, and through our shared experience we all found the strength and developed our talent to become the band people know to this day as Night Ranger.
As often happens with bands and producers in the music business, we later followed separate paths and developed individual interests and directions that kept us from the early close working involvement that we had when we started this journey, but a month never goes by when we don't fondly refer to Pat in one of our many band conversations.
His passing is a sad and sobering reminder of just how short our time is here on this tiny planet, and we will lovingly carry the torch of his confidence and enterprise to our final days.
Pat Glasser will live forever in the archives of musical achievement, and we will all miss him greatly. Goodbye Pat.
Jeff Watson / Night Ranger."

(June 15th, 2005)

Frontiers Records is excited to reveal all details of one of the hottest new bands on the scene! Introducing The Mob, a new hard rock kicking machine masterminded by former Winger and Dokken and current Whitesnake guitarist Reb Beach together with his Whitesnake bandmate Timothy Drury on keyboards, Doug Pinnick from Kings's X on vocals and bass and Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger on drums and vocals.

Together they are putting finishing touches on their self titled debut album recorded under the direction of none other than the amazing Kip Winger in Nashville. Kip did also contribute to the songwriting and the arrangements on the album. Reb Beach says: "I brought Kip 120 ideas and he liked ten of them for the album. I have been writing for two years", continues Reb "and I am extremely excited, there are hits and jam songs, lots of riff based rock with doubled guitars and big hooky choruses." The final result is an amazing Hard Rock album which blends together the best of late Winger and Whitesnake songwriting approach with Night Ranger and early King's X sense of melody. Some of the songs recorded include One Track Mind (also featured on the forthcoming Rock The Bones Vol. III, Frontiers label sampler), The Magic, Love Will Carry On and Turn To Stone (click on the song titles to hear exclusive samples in mp3).
The album will be released worldwide on Frontiers Records in early 2006. More info: www.rebbeach.com.

(June 8th, 2005)

The band will not appear on the music show "Hit Me Baby One More Time", because they are working on the new Night Ranger CD and just ran out of time.

(May 30th, 2005)

There's a new show in town, called "Hit Me Baby One More Time" !

Night Ranger will be performing live on the all new NBC show “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. The taping is on June 5th and 6th in Los Angeles and will air on June 9th. If you live, or are going to be visiting the Los Angeles area, you may print out free tickets to the event at www.ocatv.com

(May 1st, 2005)

Jack Blades and his wife Mollie Blades, made an appearance at the all star evert called Alice Cooper Celebrity Golf Tournament 2005, along with Guns n Roses' Gilby Clark, The Eagles' Don Felder, Pat Boone, Glen Campell, Elke Sommer, and actors Dennis Hopper, Fred Williamson, actor Cheech Marin, and Robert Loggia.

(February 1st, 2005)

Are you ready for some of the coolest news in a long time??? Night Ranger will be appearing LIVE on TV in a few days!!! That's right, on TV baby! The boys will appear as guests on the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, on CBS, on Monday February 7th, 2005! Be sure to either be there in the audience or to watch and tape this show! It will be AWESOME!!! Night Ranger haven't been on TV for a while, so this is surely exciting for the boys! Good luck Night Ranger! Link to the show lineup.

(January 29th, 2005)

Seems that there are alot of amazing things happening to Night Raneger these days! How about THESE totally awesome news: Night Ranger have been rehearsing in the last couple of days.. The cool part is that they have been rehearsing for some songs that haven't played live before, or for a long time!!! This is something the fans have wanted for a long, long time: Additions in the setlist! So do expect KILLER live shows by Night Ranger this year!!!!!

Jim Peterik (of Survivor and World Stage) has teamed up with Kelly Keagy to work on Kelly's upcoming second solo album! Awesome, just awesome! They make an outstanding songwriting duo! Have fun guys!!!

(January 27th, 2005)

Ready for some awesome news? Night Ranger have recorded a new version, that's right, a NEW version of their big hit "Sister Christian", for the upcoming VH1 Classic album "Metal Mania: Stripped" ! This new version of "Sister Christian" is acoustic, and will surely be a great one! Night Ranger's new "Sister Christian" is located at track #2 on the album. Other artsist with either new or classic versions of their hits on this album are: Poison, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Exctreme, Tesla, Cinderella, Alias, Firehouse, Slaughter, L.A. Guns, Winger, Warrant and Queensryche. The release date for this exciting album is February 8th, 2005. So what are you waiting for??? Run out and pre-order this album right NOW!!!

And here's some more awesome news on that very same subject:

"LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- STRIPPED on the STRIP, the record release party and concert performance for VH1 Classic Metal Mania: STRIPPED, is set for Monday February 7, 2005, at the Key Club located at 9039 Sunset Blvd. Scheduled to perform acoustic sets at the event are artists from the STRIPPED compilation including Night Ranger, L.A. Guns, Slaughter, Great White, Jani Lane (formerly of Warrant), Kip Winger (Winger), and Freddie Curci (Alias, accompanied by Jason Hook). These Metal giants will be taking the stage together for one evening in an unprecedented acoustic collaboration in celebration of Sidewinder Music's February 8, 2005 release of VH1 Classic Metal Mania: STRIPPED. The STRIPPED compilation will be on sale through Tower Records at the show, and with every CD purchased, fans will receive a raffle ticket for an acoustic guitar signed by the performing bands that will be given away at the end of the evening. Following the show, select artists will be available to all in attendance for autograph signings. General admission tickets are $18.00 in advance and $20.00 at the door and are on sale at the Key Club box office as well as all Ticketmaster outlets. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. with music starting at 9:00 p.m. and set order is as follows: Freddie Curci, L.A. Guns, Slaughter, Kip Winger, Great White, Jani Lane, Night Ranger."

- Oh yeah, that's right! Night Ranger will be playing live with all these great artists! Be sure to be there and catch this awesome event!!!

(January 24th, 2005)

Tommy Shaw (of Styx) and Jack Blades is working on a new Shaw/Blades album. The new calbum is called "Influence", and features songs by artists that heavily influenced Jack and Tommy over the years. Damn Yankees drummer Michael Cartellone is also playing on this album. Album release date is coming soon. Check out the Shaw/Blades website at: www.ShawBlades.com

Check out Jack Blades' music page on myspace.com/jackblades to promote his solo album, "Jack Blades".

Jack Blades is this years camp director at the Rock'n Roll Fantasy Camp. Some of the artists in the 2005 camp line-up so far are: Roger Daltrey, Jon Anderson, Colin Hay, Nils Lofgren, Dickey Betts, Bret Michaels, Jim Keltner, Simon Kirke and Jane Wiedlin. Go to www.rockandrollfantasycamp.com for more!

Colin Blades (son of Jack Blades) has been recording several new songs for his second solo album! You'll find Colin's website at: www.ColinBlades.com

(January 1st, 2005)

Happy New Year dear Night Ranger fans! Keep Rockin' in 2005 with Night Ranger! - This year is going to be the best Night Ranger year ever!!! Exciting news coming soon!

(December 26th, 2004)

Alright, time for a little update. Well, the news in this small update are far from being tiny. Read on, dear Night Ranger fans!

Are you ready for this? Ok, have some of THIS!!!! There's talks about a brand new Night Ranger studio album for 2005!!!!!! Oh yes, that's right! A brand new Night Ranger album! And I'd say that there's a fair chance that we'll see this new album for real too! Sometimes talk can be rumors, but this time the words are coming from someone very close to the band. So, strap on those leather pants, tighter that leather jacket, let your hair loose into the air, and let's start rockin' into 2005 with Night Ranger!

The band have already posted a few tour dates for the first quarter of 2005. Check the tour dates for that. The cool thing right now is that Night Ranger have been touring longer in the 90's and after 2000 than they did in the 1980's since they released their first album, "Dawn Patrol", in 1982. Back then, the band rocked America from 1982 to 1989, when they decided to quit the game. Today, the band have been rocking since their big reunion in 1996 to 2004, going on 2005. And they sound tighter than ever! Let me assure you of that! Here's for Night Ranger and their crazy touring that never stops, just like good rock'n roll that lasts forever!!!

There's also some exciting talks about a brand new studio album from Kelly Keagy in 2005! All I can say is... Keep those awesome hard rockin' tunes coming, Kelly! You ROCK!!!

Alright, one of the largest rock festivals in the world, the Sweden Rock Festival, is coming up in June 2005! Let's get some buzz going, and who knows, maybe Night Ranger will appear on the festival one day? The festival is the perfect place for a show-off, and Night Ranger can pull it off! There are enough classic, melodic and hard rock fans at the festival every year, so I'd say it's a perfect match for a band like Night Ranger. At the upcoming festival in June 2005, we'll see bands like Styx, Kansas, Mötley Crüe, Dio, Vixen and many more! Now, What you can do as a Night Ranger fan (Especially if you live in Europe) to generate some interest in Night Ranger at this festival, is to visit the festival website and send in your "band wishes" to the festival crew. They read every wish list they receive, and if they get enough wish list listings for a certain band (wink, wink) then things can happen! The festival website url is www.SwedenRock.com - This url will take you directly to the "band wishes" page. Type in Night Ranger, and press that button below that says "Rock'n Roll" on the same screen! Now, Go Go Go!!! :)

(December 24th, 2004)

Merry Christmas dear Night Ranger fans!!! Hope you ALL get a rockin' good holiday!

On Brad Gillis' site, Brad tells his fans the following: "We have found our old stage setup in Jack's barn and brought it back to life!!! After a little dusting off and refurbishing, the stage was ready for touring again. This great retro look includes backdrops, ramps and lights which Night Ranger will be using at larger US venues in 2005." Which is just awesome! If you have seen the "Seven Wishes Tour" video from 1985 (the one MTV aired, and the one that was on sale on VHS for years!) you know how awesome this stage looks! 2005 looks to be the best Night Ranger year ever!!!

(September 21st, 2004)

NightRangerWeb is back! It's been months since this website has been up and running. Problems with the domain name, www.NightRangerWeb.com, forced the website to go down for several months. Actually, here's what happened: As this website was transfered from one webhosting service company to another, the domain name www.NightRangerWeb.com was STOLEN by somebody. This somebody then offered me, the Webmaster of NightRangerWeb, to buy back my OWN domain name, www.NightRangerWeb.com, for $280, which made me pretty upset! It's not about the money, as I could've gotten www.NightRangerWeb.com back for that price, but it's a matter of principle. If somebody steals something from me, I will NOT buy that something back for any price, as that something is already mine! So anyway, I put that whole stupid incident behind me, and brought NightRangerWeb back to life. Though with a new url, www.NightRangerWeb.net ! Please spread the word about the new url, dear fans!

Night Ranger are currently rocking America with their 2004 tour! People have been reporting awesome live performances by Night Ranger this year, and, regaring the new setlist, the band deserves some serious credit for the songs they have brought back to their live shows... "The Secret Of My Success" is now a part of the setlist, for the first time since 1987, when the song was released. "Sign Of The Times" is also a part of the setlist, for the first time since 1998, when the song was released. And "Forever All Over Again", from 1997, is back into the setlist. Thanks alot Night Ranger, for the bes setlist you've EVER had!!! Fans love the setlist changes!

The bands first dvd is released. MCA/Geffen Records released the Night Ranger "20th Century Masters: DVD Collection" this summer. This nice-price dvd contains five Night Ranger music videos: "Don't Tell Me You Love Me", "(You Can Still) Rock In America", "Sister Christian", "When You Close Your Eyes" and "Sentimental Street". Because the dvd contains so few videos, the price is also very low. It retails for $7.98, but several of the biggest online music stores sell it for around $5. This is, obviously, a must have for any Night Ranger fan, and a must have for anyone who's into classic melodic rock.

We are still waiting for the new live Night Ranger dvd, recorded during the band's December 2003 gigs in Japan! Just cross your fingers for this one, dear fans!

A cool tidbit... Night Ranger's "(You Can Still) Rock In America" was played in the background on the final episode of the "Drew Carey Show".

(April 26th, 2004)

Night Ranger will be playing live at the CALIFORNIA MUSIC AWARD (formerly known as The Bammies) at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, the lawn and plaza area in front of Oakland City Hall; Broadway & 14th Street, Oakland, USA. This will happen on Sunday, June 6, 2004, Noon -6PM. 10.000 people will be there, and the tickets are FREE!!! Be sure to see Night Ranger play live that night! Because... Rumors says that Night Ranger will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award that night!!! How awesome is THAT???

"The 27th California Music Awards will present special awards to Green Day (Most Downloaded Song for "I fought the Law"), Night Ranger (California Gold) and radio stations LIVE 105 in San Francisco and KROQ in Los Angeles for Music Industry Excellence recognizing their ongoing support of emerging artists....."

The band is also nominated for the "California Favorite" award, with their classic hit "Sister Christian". Some of the other bands in that category are: Counting Crows, Neil Young, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rod Stewart, Santana and Sheryl Crow.

It was about time Night Ranger got back into the Award shows! ;)

(April 25th, 2004)

There's a Night Ranger DVD coming out sometime in the next couple of months. This is NOT the LIVE DVD the band are rumored to release soon, but a new DVD with their old music videos! It's a "Greatest Hits" video collection, but there will only be 5-6 music videos on the DVD, as this DVD is part of the "20th Century Masters DVD" series. Many bands will have their old videos released in this series, but each DVD only has 5-6 songs. Anyhow, these are some cool news for Night Ranger fans! Be sure to pick up your copy of this DVD when it's released sometime soon! The tracklisting for the DVD looks like this:

"Don't Tell Me You Love Me"
"(You Can Still) Rock In America"
"Sister Christian"
"When You Close Your Eyes"
"Sentimental Street"

(February 23rd, 2004)
Jack Blades releases his debut solo album, titled "Jack Blades", today, February 23rd, 2004, in Europe! The album has been out for a little while in Japan, and a release date for the US will come soon!

Night Ranger is touring the US in 2004! Watch out for the band in YOUR hometown! Please visit the tour dates page on this website for updated tour dates.

Jack Blades attends the Rock'n Roll Fantasy Camp. Visit the Rock'n Roll Fantasy Camp website for more info!

Rumors say that Night Ranger will release a LIVE DVD from one of their December 2003 gig in Japan! When this will happen, and IF this really will happen, is not yet known. Stay tuned for more info!

Colin Blades, son of Jack Blades, released his debut album called "Colin Blades" last year. Colin is a gifted songwriter, and you can relly tell he's Jack's son, when listening to his album. Visit Colin's website at www.ColinBlades.com to buy the album!

(January 8th, 2004)
HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Night Ranger fans! :) I hope you all had a safe and rockin' New Yars eve!

Here's a cool link... Check out Andrew McNeice's album preview of Jack Blades upcoming solo debut, at the MelodicRock.com website: http://www.melodicrock.com/showcase/jackblades.html

At that page you can listen to samples from every song on the new album! :) My personal favorite is the song "Sea Of Emotons", which feature some stellar Jack Blades lead vocals!!!

(December 19th, 2003)
It's been a while since I've updated the news, but here we go anyway! :) Lots of things have been going on with the band, and lots of things are coming up!

First of all, there's rumors of a Night Ranger LIVE DVD coming sometime in 2004! The band did a lot of filming at their gigs in Japan this month, and it looks like this material will end up on a LIVE DVD next year! If this is the case, it will be the first DVD from Night Ranger EVER! So it will be a good one, for sure!

Jack Blades will release his first solo album ever early next year! The European release date is February 23rd 2004, and it will happen through Frontiers Records! The tracklisting for Jack's self-titled debut album looks like this:

Sea of Emotions
Shine On
We Are The Ones
Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight
Sometimes You Gotta Have Faith
To Touch The Sky
Who You Want To Be
Breaking It Down
On Top of The World
Nature's Way

Also, the album features performances by some of Jack's friends such as: Tommy Shaw of Styx (who plays guitar and shares lead vocals on "Shine On"), Neal Schon of Journey (who plays lead guitars and co-wrote "To Touch The Sky", "Sea of Emotion" and "Alone Tonight"), Michael Lardie of Great White, Warren De Martini of Ratt, Damon Johnson of Brother Cane and of course his Night Ranger band mates Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson plus his gifted son Colin, with whom he co-wrote "Breaking It Down".

Frontiers Records has also produced a video for Jack's song Shine On, with his Damn Yankees bandmate Tommy Shaw appearing in it. This video will be included as an interactive bonus on the CD release together with a special interview with the man himself!

In other news, Jeff Watson plays guitar on one of the tracks on Eric Martin's (of the band Mr. Big) new album "Destroy All Monsters". Jeff Watson and Eric Martin also have a project going on, and we'll see a new album by these two musicians early next year.

If you haven't checked out Colin Blades' debut album yet, do it NOW! There's sound samples available for download at his site: www.ColinBlades.com

Night Ranger have had a very successful tour in 2003, with lots of gigs played in the States, and a few good gigs over in Japan. Now the band is gearing up for another big tour in 2004! Watch out, Night Ranger might come to play in YOUR town in 2004!

(February 20th, 2003)
Colin Blades, son of Jack Blades, is ready to make an impact on the world of music with his debut album, due to release this summer, with a tour to follow. Get a preview of Colin's album at his website www.ColinBlades.com - This is a talented songwriter!

(January 9th, 2003)
HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow Night Ranger fans!!!

2002 was an amazing touring year for the band. Yet, everything didn't go as planned. The release of the first ever Night Ranger DVD is yet to be announced. And we are still waiting for that new studio album. But fear not, as the band are closer, tighter and happier than ever! Let's enjoy 2003, and all the great music this year, and Night Ranger will bring us! :)

In other cool news, Brad Gillis can now be seen live on a new DVD from his days with Ozzy Osbourne! The DVD "Speak Of The Devil" is out, so you better go get it ASAP!

Jack Blades did a song with Tommy Shaw for a rockin' cool Christmas CD this past Christmas!

Also, stay tuned for new cool things such as downloadable Night Ranger mp3 audio, and more, here at www.NightRangerWeb.com !

(June 13th, 2002)
www.NightRangerWeb.com has opened! Now you can enjoy your favorite band online with the easy-to-remember URL www.NightRangerWeb.com

Night Ranger is Rockin' America as you read this!!! The band is getting more and more new concert dates, so check out if YOUR city is listed on the tour dates page!

Mre info about the new Night Ranger DVD is yet to come... Same goes for the new Night Ranger album...
(February 17thth, 2002)
Brad Gillis is working on a new solo album with Gary Moon! The album process is around halfways and is going well. As for the new Night Ranger studil album, it's still on the planning stage, as the guys have lots of things to do this year. Exactly when it will come out is yet to be known. The bands signing with ICM Booking Agency and with Pathfinder Management are very good news for the fans, because these signings will see the band perform as many as *80* shows this year! As for the Night Ranger dvd that's coming up, it might take a short while before it's complete, because the band is still deciding on the dvd content. It might contain a live concert from 2002 (their current tour), and some bonus materials such as brand new songs, and music videos from their last two albums "Neverland" and "Seven". More exciting news to come soon about the dvd. Jack Blades' new record company "Spun Out Records" website is up and running at www.SpunoutRecords.com and Jack's also been doing some music for a new Japanese PC game. Jeff Watson is starting to work on his 3rd solo album. This album contains the material that Jeff had in the 70's in his Jeff Watson Band. It should be a very interesting album! As for Kelly Keagy, he is planinng the release of his AWESOME solo album "Time Passes" in the States, through the midwestern label called Orfan Records. Look for special bonus tracks on the US "Time Passes" release that didn't make the Europan or the Japanese release. And finally, Alan Fitzgerald's other band Alliance will be releasing a new studio album this year. Lots of things are going on with the Night Ranger guys, and these news prove it! Good luck to the band on it's 20th year anniversary this year! Keep Rockin' !!!

(January 16th, 2002)
Get ready for the HOTTEST Night Ranger news you have read in a very, very long time...

Happy new year to all Night Ranger fans! 2002 will be one of the most exciting years of Night Ranger yet, just check out what's on schedule for 2002:

* Night Ranger will be celebrating their 20th year anniversary in 2002
* Night Ranger will release a brand new studio album sometime (early?) in 2002
* Night Ranger will be touring the US throughout 2002
* Night Ranger will be enjoying their new management in 2002
* Night Ranger will finally get a DVD released in 2002 by Universal Records

So, as you all can see, 2002 is a BIG year for Night Ranger and for the fans of the greatest band of all time! Details around the news are coming soon, so stick around! There are rumors around the bands 20th year celebration and their 2002 tour saying this years tour will be a BIG one. There's even some speculation about the tour even being a World Tour. Now that would be something, wouldn't it? As for the TOTALLY AWESOME DVD news, it is yet to be known if it will contain a new concert, an old one or a collection of music videos. Either way, I think every Night Ranger fan will be satisfied with the new DVD. It's time to get REAL excited about 2002!!!!!!!! :-)

More info to come real soon! Keep Rockin' into 2002 with Night Ranger!!!

(May 31, 2001)
A bunch of news today! Night Ranger have been talking about a new album, a possible tour in Europe and more spesifically in England, and more importantly, Kelly Keagy's new solo album "Time Passes" IS OUT IN STORES NOW!!!!!!!!! This is one AWESOME album that you ALL should run out and buy right away, cause it is better than anything you expected!!! Check out www.kellykeagy.com for more info on Kelly's solo album! Trust me, it will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!!! Night Ranger are busy touring. They have been touring in the past couple months and have NO plans in quitting! :) They will continue touring the US throughout the summer and the fall. And in a recent interview with Jack Blades, he said that Night Ranger will keep rockin' and never stop until they drop dead! Jack is quite a funny guy isn't he!:) But that's some awesome news! Jack, and the others, have been saying that they have so much fun playing with Night Ranger now, that they are just doing it for FUN and because they love their fans, and it is like they did it because they had to when they first started out in the early 80s, but now in 2001 they tour the US and play for everybody because they LOVE IT and it's all just so FUN! :) You just gotta love these dudes, huh??? KEEP ROCKIN' Night Ranger!!! Also, keep an eye open for Jeff Watson's new solo albums that probably will come out either sometime late this year or early to mid next year!

(February 11, 2001)
And here's for some very cool Night Ranger news! The bands catchy super smash-hit "Sister Christian" has been chosen for the new Jenny McCarthy movie! Stay tuned to find out if the song makes the final cut and when the movie is due out! Will the popularity of this song never end? Let's hope it stays popular and gets more and more people into the band!

(February 11, 2001)
Kelly Keagy's upcoming solo album will be out in Japan on March 23, 2001 and in Europe on April 9, 2001. Word from very reliable sources has it that this is going to be one helluva kick-ass album! It contains 12 tracks, and the tracklisting goes as follows:
Anything Goes
Acid Rain
Time Passes
Before Anybody Knows I'm Gone
Too Much To Ask
Bottled Up
Too Close To The Sun
Wrong Again
Where There's A Woman
The Journey
The Moon
I'm Still Here (Bonus Track - Japan)

Fans of Night Ranger and rock music and GREAT music is going to love this one! Stay tuned for the release of one of the greatest CD's of all time! Keep Rockin guys and girls!

(January 26, 2001)
Alright! The first update of 2001 is up and running! Night Ranger has already started touring in 2001! Check out the tour dates page for more info on that throughout the spring and summer! The first couple of tour dates are IN! If you live in California, you are lucky! Check out the tour dates page now! Also, Kelly Keagy's upcoming solo album "Time Passes" is complete and is shipped out to the record company. Let's see which songs make the final cut. Hopfully we'll get around 15 songs on Kelly's new cd! It's going to be aweome guys and girls! Just wait and hear! :-)

(September 11, 2000)
Kelly Keagy's Official website is up and running! Check it out at www.KellyKeagy.com and in the future for news on what Kelly's doing, news on his upcoming solo album "Time Passes", and much more!

(September 4, 2000)
PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE: (Press release) For those of you in the Chicago area, ENUFF Z'NUFF will be performing an acoustic set for the RAINBOW FOUNDATION, a charity dedicated to children and families in crisis. As many of you are aware, Enuff Z'nuff are often involved in charities that involve children or dire social issues, such as "Rock for Tots" in Ohio, a Christmas time event to ensure that neglected and poor children receive presents at Christmas, or "The Nicole Simpson Foundation," a California charity for abused and battered women.

The event, called "A SUM OF HEARTS II" is held in the memory of five year old Dash Dunbar, the son of Karen and Drummer Aynsley Dunbar (formerly of Journey and Whitesnake), who passed away this May with "pontine glioma," a type of brainstem cancer. The proceeds from this show will go to the Dunbar family, to help offset the tremendous financial burden incurred from this tragic illness.

Other artists who are joining the cause are RIK EMMETT, formerly of TRIUMPH, JIM PETERIK, TWO FIRES, KELLY KEAGY of NIGHTRANGER, and guitarist DAVE UHRICH.

The Event will be held on Friday, Sept 22 at 7pm at:

JOE'S on Weed Street 940 West Weed Street Chicago, IL. 60622 (312) 337-3486

Tickets are $17.00 general admission, but there are special $75.00 tickets, sold by the Rainbow Foundation which will get you a meet and greet with all the artists involved, as well as priority seating for the show. For further information regarding this, please call Mr. John Schenk at (847) 891-5035 or by email at Jrainbowfd@hotmail.com.

(September 1, 2000)
Do you live in Europe? Check THIS out! Awesome news for Kelly Keagy fans living in Europe, and more spicifically, England! Kelly Keagy will attend and PLAY at the upcoming GODS 2000 festival in England! He'll do a set with Two Fires! The concert will take place on Saturday 4th November at Maximes in Wigan. (MAXIMES, 61-69 STANDISHGATE, WIGAN, LANCASHIRE). Check out the list of kick-ass AOR bands playing at the festival!

TWO FIRES (with Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger)

Please go to Now & Then Productions / Now & Then Records website for complete information on the GODS 2000 festival!

I'll be there! Regards, Thomas W. H., the Webmaster at Night Ranger Cyberplace...

(August 31, 2000)
Here are some interesting news on Kelly Keagy's new solo album from Melodicrock.com : Frontiers Records' recently released Union Volume 3 - a very cool compilation of their recent releases and a sneak preview of some more great releases to come in the following months. Because a few of the upcoming albums featured are not yet finished, some early versions of a few tracks were included. Arising from that a couple of the artists asked if they could clarify the stage their tracks were at, concerned the current tracks out there might put the coming albums in a bad light. Night Ranger's Kelly Keagy has a killer track Anything Goes featured on the compilation. The track was initially written for the Metal God soundtrack by Kelly with fellow Ranger Jack Blades and is only a first stage demo. It missed the final cut for the soundtrack and since has been changed quite dramatically. In fact the version you are hearing features only a drum machine! In Kelly's words, "It's far from a rough mix and those are bullshit lyrics!! Those lyrics were written to fit the movie and are so clique! We have since taken the cheese right out of it by re-writing the lyrics and replacing the cheesy drum machine..." Kelly wanted the fans to know it doesn't represent the final version of the song nor the album. It will be much better!

Download the full mp3 of the first stage demo version of "Anything Goes", with Kelly Keagy on lead vocals and Jack Blades on background vocals.

And here's a news update from The Michael Cartellone web page on the Damn Yankees. Mr. Michael Cartellone said: "Here's a Damn Yankees update for all of you. After much ado, it turns out that the record we were working on has been put on hold and is not going to be released. I apologize to those of you who were hoping for a new CD this year. The record simply didn't get completed, in part to the continuing scheduling conflicts. There was some cool stuff in the works, though. If and when a Damn Yankees CD finally surfaces, I assure you that you'll enjoy it. Thanks for your patience"

(August 23, 2000)
Now & Then Records just released a sound sampler CD which includes a new song by Kelly Keagy, off of his new and upcoming solo album. Click here to listen to a sound sample from the very hard rockin' tune "Anything Goes", with Kelly on lead vocals and drums. Awesome tune! Can't wait to hear the rest of your new tunes, Kelly! You rock!

And now the latest news on those Damn Yankees. The upcoming Damn Yankees album, featuring Jack Blades, Ted Nugent, Michael Cartellone and Tommy Shaw, will be released in January 2001 at the earliest. The album also features Brother Cain's Damon Johnson and a guest spot on one track from Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy.

(August 10, 2000)
For anyone of you who were watching the WB's Young Americans tonight, two of the characters on the show apparently quiz each other with 80's song lyrics. So, this girl starts reciting, "Motorin', what's your price for flight? For finding Mr. Right? It'll be alright...tonight". He says, "What IS that?". She says, "Night Ranger. Sister Christian. That's a pretty cool reference in a modern show!

(July 5, 2000)
Night Ranger is touring and concert reviews are coming in! Stay tuned for concert reviews soon! Concert goers report that the band is sounding better than ever, even better than last year! One fan said Night Ranger performed a Beatles song and a Deep Purple song on stage! How funny is that? The band is playing large crowds, headlining shows and doing other shows together with bands such as Styx, REO Speedwagon, Poison, Slaughter, Cinderella, Dokken and Aprilwine. Brad Gillis just told me in an email that the shows are going great around the country and Night Ranger is rockin' America!

MCA Records is releasing a new Night Ranger Greatest Hits album called "Night Ranger 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection". The release date is July 17th.

Latest rumors say that Kelly Keagy will definately be the new drummer in Damn Yankees. Details are scetchy at the moment, but expect a full update on the Damn Yankees soon!

(July 2, 2000)
The Billigs Gazette wrote a Night Ranger concert review on Sunday July 2nd, 2000 after music fans filled the MetraPark racetrack infield on Saturday's concert, which featured Night Ranger, Styx and REO Speedwagon. Click here to read the review!

(May 9, 2000)
Night Ranger is featured on the main page of the net's biggest tour dates site, Pollstar!

You can see Kelly Keagy with Jim Peterik (of Survivor) and the World Stage band on May 13th at the Star Plaza in Merrillville, Indiana. Featured on the bill with Jim are Kelly Keagy, Don Barnes, Cathy Richardson, Kevin Chalfant, Jeff Boyle, David Carl, Marzette Griffith + more! Kelly plays the drums in Jim's band and sings background and lead vocals as well! Check out the beautiful song "Long Road Home" where Jim and Kelly sing together as a duette. This song is also featured on the new Jim Peterik album "Jim Peterik and World Stage". Out now!

(April 22, 2000)
Michael Cartellone will remain as the drummer for Damn Yankees. Most recently, Damn Yankees had Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy fly in to fill in for Michael, but it is said that Portrait Records boss John Kalodner was so impressed he wanted Keagy in full time. As it turns out Cartellone was already contracted and will make himself available in between Lynyrd Skynyrd commitments. Kelly Keagy is still set to play on a few tracks on the album and also contribute some vocals.

(April 12, 2000)
Brad Gillis got his own website up and running, with info about his new solo album "Alligator" and more! Visit www.bradgillis.com now!

(April 12, 2000)
Exciting news! Night Ranger will be touring this summer! Some of the tour dates include shows in California, Texas and Minneapolis!

(March 18, 2000)
The Damn Yankees are back! Portrait Records have finally green lighted the project after a long delay, but with a few changes. Joining Jack Blades and Ted Nugent will be Damon Johnson of Brother Cane on guitar and vocals and none other than Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy. Tommy Shaw had made himself unavailable for the band after taking the dominating role in Styx last year. Tommy remains on great terms with the band and three of the songs written with Jack Blades for the album should still make the final cut. He said he will make time to appear on the record. Damon is said to be a killer replacement for Shaw and will sing and play guitar in his place, both on the record and on tour. He has already written two tracks with Jack Blades for the album - We Are The Ones and Even Though. In adding Kelly Keagy the band will have four lead singers and four songwriters, a combination that should produce one classic record. Recording of the album should commence soon, with a release planned for later this year.

Kelly Keagy is going to release a solo album! Frontiers Records & Now & Then Productions have signed Kelly Keagy for his solo debut album, tentatively titled "Time Passes". Kelly and friend Brian Bart (ex-Dareforce) have been recording the album over the past 6 months. Any fan of Night Ranger and classic commercial hard rock will be more than impressed with the quality of songs on this album. With any record from a major star their will be guests, with Jack Blades, Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson of Night Ranger both appearing, plus Bruce Gaitsch. Songs were written by Kelly, some with Brian and others with Blades and one with Jim Peterik. Some song titles: Bottled Up, Time Passes, I'm Still Here, Soul, The Moon, Before Anyone Knows I'm Gone, All Down The Road. Keagy joining Damn Yankees could see the finishing off and releasing of his debut album pushed back until early next year.

(February 14, 2000)
Eric Carmen's "Winter Dreams" album (a monster AOR album) will be released in the US at the end of the month on Pyramid Records under the title "I Was Born To Love You" (which is also the title of the first single). Eric will also be touring with Ringo Starr's All Stars this summer (which also includes Billy Squier and Jack Blades). Also, the forthcoming Ozzy Osbourne tribute album will actually have a few surprises. Singer Lisa Loeb and her boyfriend Dweezil Zappa will offer their take on "Goodbye to Romance". The tribute will also include Jack Blades, Bobby Blotzer, Reb Beach and Jeff Pilson providing their unique take of "I Don't Know" as well as Motorhead's Lemmy offering up "Desire". Vince Neil will cover "Paranoid". These news were posted in the SFK newsletter.

(February 10, 2000)
Lots of exciting news everybody! Brad Gillis will release a brand new solo record in Japan March 15. The album title is Alligator and features Brad Gillis lead vocals on some tracks. Gary Moon, who did some tasty lead vocals on Night Ranger's 1995 album "Feeding Off The Mojo" will be singing the remaining tracks on Brad's new solo album. Brad's first solo album Gilrock Ranch will be re-issued in the US on May 23 through Spitfire Records. His new album "Alligator" is yet to be scheduled outside Japan. Andre McNeice of Melodicrock.com is scheduled to interview Brad in the next week to 10 days. Stay tuned to that website for the interview!

Jeff Watson's solo album "Around The Sun" (originally released in Japan in 1993) will get an European release thru Italian based Frontier Records and the UK based Now & Then Productions. The album features four bonus tracks. Three of the four bonus tracks were included on the album's last years release in the US. "Around The Sun" will be released in Europe sometime in may this year, and features new cover art.

Are you ready for this? Jeff Watson is about to commence work on two brand new solo records! The first one is a classical instrumental record (Jeff mentioned that he had wanted to make a record like this in a interview last year) and a new hard rock album. Jeff's new hard rock album is included in the Frontiers deal and will likely be released early in 2001, but the instrumental album will be the first to be released. A deal for that album has not been secured for any territories yet. Look out for a brand new Jeff Watson interview on Andrew McNeice's website Melodicrock.com next week!

(December 11, 1999)
Jim Peterik (of Surviror) will be releasing a solo album very soon. Featured on the album among others are Kelly Keagy (of Night Ranger), Don Barnes (of 38 Special), Dennis De Young (of Styx), Johnny Van Zant (of Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Kevin Cronin (of Reo Speedwagon).

(October 1, 1999)
The Aerosmith tribute album "Not The Same Old Song And Dance" is out, featuring Jack Blades with lead vocals on the song "Sweet Emotion" and many other great artists such as Tommy Shaw, Ted Nugent, Rudy Sarzo, Frankie Banali, Tommy Aldridge, Aynsley Dunbar and many more! Jack sounds great singing this song and this album is a must for all fans of great rock music!

(September 10, 1999)
News from the Metal Edge news wire: How's this for a hard rock supergroup: GREAT WHITE's MICHAEL LARDIE, NIGHT RANGER's JACK BLADES, POISON's C.C. DeVILLE, and RATT's BOBBY BLOTZER are teaming up for a solo project that Lardie is putting together with the help of Portrait Records' JOHN KALODNER. Great White has already confirmed millennium concert plans--they'll play the Crossroads in Yucaipa, California on December 31.

(June 7, 1999)
Great news everybody! New tour dates are added to the Rock Never Stops tour with Night Ranger! Check out the dates for Oklahoma, OK, Jacksonville, NC and more on the tour dates page!

(May 11, 1999)
The re-release solo album "Around The Sun" by Jeff Watson is out in the US today! Go get it! It should be an awesome album! What's cool about this album is that Jeff Watson himself even sings some of the songs, and he sounds great! The album is released by Cleopatra Records.

(May 11, 1999)
According to Paradise Artists, Night Ranger plays 3rd on the Rock Never Stops tour. Ted Nugent is 4th, and last. The order of the two other bands on the tour, Quiet Riot and Slaughter has not been decided yet.

(May 5, 1999)
Another tour date got added to Night Ranger's 1999 US tour. The bands tour now kicks off at New George's in San Rafael, CA on June 22. Be there and catch this awesome kickoff gig!

(April 30, 1999)
Jeff Watson will be appearing on "Nash Bridges" today on CBS, Friday April 30, 1999 at 10:00PM ET/PT in the episode titled "Crash and Burn", also starring Country Singer Jo Dee Messina. Jeff will be playing a silver guitar.

(April 17, 1999)
Jeff Watson's second solo album "Around The Sun", originally released in Japan in 1993, will be released in the US on May 11. That's just a few weeks away. This release is a must have (it's a must have anyway!:) cause it features three tracks, in addition to the two that's already on the Japanese release, sung by Jeff Watson! "Around The Sun" is being released in the us by Cleopatra Label Group on the label DEADLINE.

(April 15, 1999)
Great news everybody! 30 tour dates for the Rock Never Stop tour just came out! Night Ranger will be touring in the US this summer and fall, and their thour kicks off at The Edge in Palo Alto, California. Check out the tour dates page for the full tour dates list!

(March 11, 1999)
According to Mark Hudson (who co-wrote songs with Jack Blades on the Night Ranger albums "Neverland" and "Seven") in an interview from Goldmine Magazine, Jack Blades will be in Ringo Starr's band The Roundheads and on Ringo's two next albums, a Christmas record and another studio album.

(March 11, 1999)
The Rock Never Stops tour of amphitheaters blasts off this summer on July 1st and rocks on thru September 6th and features Night Ranger, Ted Nugent, Quiet Riot, and Slaughter.

(February 28, 1999)
Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw (Jack's Damn Yankees buddy) have been writing songs for Kelle Bryan of the English vocal group Eternal. Jack and Tommy will also be writing for another female British group called Thunder Bugs next week. Word on the latest Damn Yankees record say that the Damn Yankee's songs songs are a few weeks away from being ready to review to see which ones make the cut.

(February 17, 1999)
Jeff Watson recently appeared on the TV show "Nash Bridges" (starring Don Johnson) for a brief moment.

(February 15, 1999)
According to Metal Edge Online, Night Ranger will be in this year's Rock Never Stops tour July 1 thru Sept 6. Night Ranger is also rumored to play at Rockstock '99 on July 4, 1999. And you won't believe this, Jack "the energizer bunny" Blades is also going to perform with his other band, the Damn Yankees, this summer! Wow, way to go Jack! There was also a crazy rumor suggesting that Kelly Keagy and Brad Gillis of Night Ranger were going to be part of the Damn Yankees. Not very likely.

(February 14, 1999)
The Night Ranger singles "Sign Of The Times" and "Kong" off the bands new album "Seven" is out at radio stations. "Kong" is being pushed as the latest single from the album. Keep calling those radio stations and request those singles, fans!

(February 6, 1999)
According to SFK, the debut album from POWERTRIP will finally see release in March. The band features Brad Gillis, Jesse Bradman (who played keyboards and did backup vocals on the Night Ranger albums "Man In Motion" and "Live In Japan") Billy Sheehan, Frank Hannon, Ritchie Kotzen, and Tom Scholtz.

(February 5, 1999)
Happy New Year to all you Night Ranger fans out there, as the first news update for 1999 hits Night Ranger Cyberplace. Those Damn Yankees; Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent and Michael Cartellone are jamming together and working on a new album. Watch out for a possible release later this year, as well as a possible tour. If the Damn Yankees doesn't go on tour, Night Ranger will tour in the US in the summer of 1999. Sounds great! Two more tour dates for Night Ranger are added on the tour dates page.

(December 14, 1998)
Unconfirmed news says that Night Ranger is going to put on a show at the Sunset Station Hotel in Henderson, NV on 09/05/99. That's some great news!

(November 24, 1998)
If you live in the US and saw Jeopary on Tuesday November 24th, you probably freaked out when you heard the words *Night Ranger* on the show! If you didn't see it, what happened was that one of the categories on the show was "Gillis", and the contestant picks "Gillis for 800". The answer was "Brad Gillis was a founding member of this rock group known for their 1984 hit 'Sister Christian'" Then the contestant answers "What is Night Ranger." - Pretty Cool, huh? :)

(October 14, 1998)
Alan Fitzgerald will be getting together with his other band Alliance to release a new Alliance album in Japan, Europe and perhaps in the US. The band will maybe even do a tour in the US. Alliance is Alan Fitzgerald, David Lauser, Roberty Berry and Gary Pihl.

(September 8, 1998)
At a recent Night Ranger concert in the US, the music TV channel VH-1 was there filming the entire concert, and interviewing the band for a special they're going to show on TV soon. And last month, Night Ranger was on a morning TV show in Los Angeles, USA. More info on these TV appearances will come soon.

(August 25, 1998)
Jack Blades will be getting together with his other band Damn Yankees for a little while next year to release a new Damn Yankees album. Half of the songs is going to be 'old' material from around 1993 and the rest will be newly written stuff. The other band members are Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw and Michael Cartellone. A label has not been decided yet.

(July 14, 1998)
The new Night Ranger album "Seven" was released TODAY in the US! The album has already received a ton of rave reviews. Run like crazy to the record store and get it!!!

(July 2, 1998)
In the June 27 edition of Billboard, you can find a review of the new Night Ranger single "Sign Of The Times" ! The review was positive! Be sure to check it out!

(June 17, 1998)
Chckk this out: Jack Blades is in Ringo Starr's new music video! And Jeff Watson says more music is coming from Night Ranger in the future! (Woo-hoo!:)) The new Mother's Army [Jeff's other band] "Fire On The Moon" is out in Japan. Plus, Jeff has just started working on a new solo album.

(June 16, 1998)
Jack Blades was in Ringo Starr's band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC last night. It was awesome! Jack played bass and did background vocals in one of Ringo's songs. You could really hear Jack's bass in that song, it was great! And you could hear Jack's singing too! It looked like Jack had a lot of fun, playing, on stage with Ringo and his band.

(June 11, 1998)
Here's a good news update for you! The title for the new Night Ranger album in the US is "Seven". CMC is releasing it July 14. That's about 4 weeks from now! The track order for the US release is the same as the Japanese release, but the songs "Crazy World" and "Let Him Run" will not be on the album. Also, the VERY COOL & ROCKIN' tune "Sign Of The Times" off the "Seven" album will be the first single to go
to radio. It goes out this Friday!

(May 7, 1998)
The band Journey has recorded the song "Remember Me", a track for the soundtrack for the upcoming summer blockbuster film "Armageddon" [with Bruce Willis]. "Remember Me" was written by Neal Schon and Jack Blades and was produced by Kevin Shirley. The "Armageddon" soundtrack will be released by Columbia Records on June 30.

(May 5, 1998)
Jack Blades is producing the next Great White album! More details on this is coming soon!

(May 5, 1998)
Jack Blades is in Ringo Starr's [of Beatles] band! Jack is in England, in London, working with Ringo as we speak! Watch out for a VH-1 Storytellers episode later this month, with Ringo and Jack!

(May 5, 1998)
The new Night Ranger album "Seven" will have a different name ("Panic In Jane" maybe?) and different artwork for the cover when it's released in the US this summer.

(May 3, 1998)
Jack Blades plays bass on 6 tracks on Tommy Shaw's [of Styx] new solo album, "7 Deadly Zens". Early rumors also say that Jack is going to sing on Tommy's new album. Drummer Michael Cartellone [of Damn Yankees] sent in a cameo performance from Nashville, and Ted Nugent has sent in his guitar performance for 'several tracks on Tommy's new album. Tommy Shaw's new solo album is going to be released June 30th on CMC International.

(March 29, 1998)
The brand new Night Ranger studio album "Seven" is out in Japan !!! And the Japanese love it!!!

(March 23, 1998)
Night Ranger is with CMC now, for the US release of "Seven". They signed with Sony Music/Legacy last year, but I don't think they were too happy with Sony. Now they're with the great CMC, and the release date for "Seven" in the US is July 15 !

(March 6, 1998)
"Sign Of The Times" might be the first single off the "Seven" album in Japan. I've just heard a sound clip from the song, and this song has got to be the MOST CATCHY song I've ever heard!!! Trust me, this song is KILLER!!!

(February 23, 1998)
According to Jack Blades, there will possibly be a new Damn Yankees album later this year.

(February 18, 1998)
The new Night Ranger album "Seven" will be released in the early US this summer!!!

(February 18, 1998)
The title for the new Night Ranger album is "Seven", it is now confirmed. The Japanese release will have a new version of the song "Let Him Run" on it as a bonus track.

(February 15, 1998)
The song "King Kong" off the upcoming Night Ranger album just got renamed to "Kong" !

(February 14, 1998)
Brad Gillis and Mark McGee [ex- Vicious Rumors, now with Gregg Allman] were working on an album together. They recorded 5 songs before schedules tied them down. If, and when, the opportunity arises, they'll pick up the project again.

(February 12, 1998)
According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the new Night Ranger album is going to be called "Panic In Jane". The album *was* going to be called "Seven", but... We'll see!

(February 12, 1998)
I Just got the title for the new Night Ranger album 'confirmed'. The title is "Seven". And the reason for this title is that it's the band's seventh studio album release in Japan.

(February 11, 1998)
The track listing for the brand new Night Ranger studio album is out! Check it out: "Sign Of The Time", "Soul Survivor", "Sea Of Love", "Panic In Jane", "Don't Ask Me Why", "Peace Sign", "Mother Mayhem", "Revelation", "Crazy World", "Call On You", "King Kong". The last track, "King Kong", was originally planned as one of the songs for last years ('97) album "Neverland". The title for the new album might be 'Believe In Me', but that's not confirmed yet. The band also intend to add a bonus remake of another classic song: 'Let Him Run', from the "Midnight Madness" album. More exciting news to come very soon! [Thanks to Andrew McNeice of the Hard Rock Hot Spot!]

(February 11, 1998)
Jack Russell [of Great White] is doing some back-up vocals on the new Night Ranger album "Seven". The band is still mixing the new album. A tour for Japan will happen around May this year, and a couple of shows are booked for July in the US; 7/19 - Rockfest Cadott, WI and another one in Bay City, MI. After the album is mixed and finished, they band are having John Kalodner listen to it. If Kalodner likes it, it'll have a US release.

(January 31, 1998)
Gary Moon (who played bass and had lead vocals on the "Feeding Off The Mojo" album) is going to sing on Brad Gillis' upcoming solo album. Brad and Gary will be getting together next week to work on this.

(January 31, 1998)
The band is finished recording the new album, and they're in L.A. mixing it this very minute! The expected release date for the Japanese release is April, or even as early as March!

(January 15, 1998)
Great news! Only a little over a year after the release of "Neverland", Night Ranger is going to release a new studio album. The album title is yet to ke known. But the album has 12 tracks, yes 12 tracks, and they're nearing completion. The band will start mixing the album very soon. The rumors say that the album will be released in late April in Japan. More news very soon!

(October 15, 1997)
The band's second single from the new "Neverland" album was released on radio stations in the US on October 6th. The new single is called "Neverland", and it really rocks!!!

(October 15, 1997)
Night Ranger is putting together some brand new songs for another Japanese album release. Details are very scetchy at the moment, but more info will come soon!

(August 27, 1997)
The new live Night Ranger album "Rock In Japan '97" was released July 30 in Japan, and everybody says this live recording is just incredible! It's the best live album from the band!

(July 22, 1997)
The brand new Night Ranger album "Neverland" is out in the US! It was released today and everybody is reporting that this is one awesome album! Hurry, go and get it now!

(July 10, 1997)
The band's new single, "Forever All Over Again", is going to be released in the US July 29. The band is releasing a new LIVE album called "Rock In Japan '97". It was recorded in one of the three sold-out concerts the band had in Japan just after the release of the "Neverland" album. The expected release in Japan for "Rock In Japan '97" is July 30. It's going to be released in Japan only. But you never know. It might be released in the US in the future.

(April 1997)
Yes, it's true! Night Ranger is back! All the original five members of the biggest and best band ever are back together, touring and playing again! Jack, Kelly, Jeff, Brad and Alan finished recording a new album early this year. The new album is called "Neverland" and was released in Japan March 26. The final release dates for the rest of the world is yet to be announced, but there's a rumor saying that "Neverland" is going to be released in the States July 22. Rumors also say that Night Ranger is done filming the "New York Time" music video. The Japanese version of the new Night Ranger album, "Neverland", features 10 brand new tracks, plus a great re-recorded version of "(You Can Still) Rock In America". There's also a new single out in Japan called "New York Time". The single features four songs including "New York Time", a re-recorded version of "Don't Tell Me You Love Me", a killer bonus track called "Walk In The Future" and a karaoke version of the re-recorded "(You Can Still) Rock In America".