Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Night Ranger, or ? Before sending me (the Webmaster, Thomas) email, you might want to check out the questions and answers below. These are questions that I very often receive in emails from people surfing the web for Night Ranger and Night Ranger related info. But please don't hesitate to email me if you have a question that's not on this page that you'd like to get an answer to. I answer every single email I receive that has Night Ranger questions.

Q: When is Night Ranger coming to my town to play?
A: Night Ranger have been touring the US every year since 1996, and they are still on the road. It's 2004, and Night Ranger proves that you can still rock in America! The band is on tour all through the year. Check out the tour dates on this website, or search Pollstar to find out where and when the band is playing next. Tour dates are being added once in a while, so you should check the tour dates often.

Q: Where can I buy Night Ranger albums?
A: All of the Night Ranger albums are still in print and are available on CD in all major music stores all over the world. You can also buy all of Night Ranger's album online at all major online music stores. A good one is CD Universe. They have all of Night Ranger's albums!

Q: Where can I buy the Night Ranger concert videos?
A: Night Ranger shot three full-lenght concert videos back in the 1980's, and one of them are still available in stores. The bands three concert videos, "Japan Tour" (1983), "Seven Wishes Tour" (1985), and "Japan In Motion"(1988), are sadly out of print. However, you will often find these videos either new or used at! There's a rumor that Night Ranger will release their first ever concert DVD sometime in the near future, filmed in Japan in December 2003, so keep your eyes open!

Q: Where can I buy the Night Ranger music videos?
A: Well, here's some good news for you! A few of Night Ranger's music videos were released for sale in the summer of 2004, on DVD! The DVD is titled "20th Century Masters: DVD Collection" and is for sale in all music stores, and places that sell music. Online stores have the DVD as well. CD Universe is one of them. The tv channels VH-1 and MTV are airing some of the bands videos regularly, which is cool. You can also view some of Night Ranger's music videos online at the MTV Night Ranger Video Site .

Q: Where can I find lyrics to Night Ranger songs?
A: You'll find lyrics to some Night Ranger songs on the discography page here at! The song lyrics are located inside each album link. Lyrics are added regularly, until the lyrics database is complete! This can take some time. Or you can go to the Sing365 website and check out their huge collection of Night Ranger lyrics.

Q: Where do you come up with all this Night Ranger info?
A: I search the Internet for info every single day, and I get lots of good info from the awesome Night Ranger fans that used to be a part of the famous, but now closed Night Ranger mailing list called Rumors In The Air. Those Night Ranger fans can now be found at the message forum at www.NightRanger.Net. I also find a lot of great stuff at, which is run by Andrew J. McNeice. Thank you Andrew!

Q: What are the guys birthday dates?
A: Jack was born April 24, Brad was born June 15, Fitz was born July 16, Kelly was born September 15 and Jeff was born November 4.

Q: Do you get paid to run this site?
A: No. I run this site without getting paid. I run this site on my own costs because I feel it's worth it! Night Ranger is such an awesome band, and they deserve a good website! On a cool note, this site actually "gave me" VIP passes and tickets to two Night Ranger gigs (Albany, NY 1999 & Chicago Ridge, IL 2000) after Jeff Watson visited it. I guess he liked it! When I got to those gigs, there were VIP passes and tickets waiting for me, for free! Thanks Jeff, and Night Ranger!