Below you will find sound samples from Night Ranger albums, and albums related to Night Ranger. Each album has 2 sound samples. The first one is always a rocker, and the other one is always a ballad. This way you will get a little peek into both the hard and the soft side of each album. Each sound sample typically lasts around 1 minute, and are of low sound quality. However, the newest album featured on top this page is always presented in high quality. You will need WinAmp to play the sound samples. Happy listening!

Night Ranger - Hole In The Sun (2007)
MP3 Samples

"Tell Your Vision"

"There Is Life"

Jack Blades - Jack Blades (2004)
MP3 Samples

"Sea Of Emotions"

"Alone Tonight"

Kelly Keagy - Time Passes (2001)
MP3 Samples

"Anything Goes"

"The Journey"

Brad Gillis - Alligator (2000)
MP3 Samples


"Bigger Than Life"

King Of Hearts - 1989 (1999)
MP3 Samples

"Smack Dab"

"Remember When"

Mother's Army
Fire On The Moon (1998)
MP3 Samples


"A Day In The Night"

Night Ranger - Seven (1998)
MP3 Samples

"Sign Of The Times"

"Soul Survivor"

Night Ranger - Neverland (1997)
MP3 Samples

"New York Time"

"As Always I Remain"

Mother's Army - Planet Earth (1997)
MP3 Samples

"Circle Of Hands"

"One Common Law"

Brad Gillis - Gilrock Ranch (1993)
MP3 Samples

"Opus Winfrus"

"If Looks Could Kill"

Damn Yankees - Don't Tread On Me (1992)
MP3 Samples

"Don't Tread On Me"

"Where You Goin' Now"

Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees (1990)
MP3 Samples

"Coming Of Age"

"High Enough"

Night Ranger - Man In Motion (1988)
MP3 Samples

"Reason To Be"

"Don't Start Thinking"

Night Ranger - Big Life (1987)
MP3 Samples

"The Secret Of My Success"

"Hearts Away"

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes (1985)
MP3 Samples

"Seven Wishes"

"Sentimental Street"

Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol (1982)
MP3 Samples

"Don't Tell Me You Love Me"

"Call My Name"