The concert at Piere's, Friday July 29, 1998!

Well, everyone else did a terrific job with their reviews, but I just gotta add
a couple things.

First...Sorry I didn't get to meet you Scott! We were at opposite ends of the
stage. :( Glad you had fun!

It was just an incredible evening. The guys sounded as tight as ever even
though they had a few problems during soundcheck. Jack's bass (is it always
Jack's bass? ) was "clicky" and also needed to be "brighter", according to
him. :)

It was so encouraging to see such a large turnout! I kinda think that the guys
have to feed off of that because they seemed to have so much energy and as
was said before, they let the crowd sing a lot. And the crowd was indeed loud!
I talked to a young guy next to me who was a big fan. Nice to see that it's not
always "thirty-somethings" in the crowd. Oh yeah...we even saw a guy
there with a Mojo tour t-shirt!! That was cool.

My only complaints are ones that have already been mentioned by those who've
seen them. Set was too short and only one song from Seven. 2 from Neverland
and only one from Seven? I don't get it. I asked Jeff why they didn't do more
and he said that he knew how to play the songs but "they weren't telling him to
play them"! Whatever that means!

Talked mostly with Jeff and I had the opportunity to give him printouts of my Jeff
page since he doesn't have a computer to get online to see it! I included letters
I've received from people (yes, some of you guys!) who've checked out the site
and other positive messages about him personally, NR and Mother's Army as well.
He was really pleased and said he enjoyed reading things like that. Fitz and Jeff
both seemed very impressed that we fans are out here supporting them and talking
about them daily! :)

Had a chance to take lots of photos and they're up on my site! For new NR pix:

and for Jeff pics: brother...I was thinking about ya! :) It really sucks that there are no dates
for the east coasters or southeners. :( But, that second IN date came up fast, so
maybe there's still hope! :)

- Amy Williams of the Jeff Watson page

Thanks for the cool review, Amy!