The concert at ???

Opening act: Ultimate Fakebook. Not a bad band, had a Weezer sound.
They kept saying how much they loved Night Ranger, but I find that a
little hard to believe when you compare musical styles. The audience
was politely patient, but restless for the real show.

NR Set list:

1. New York Time- Audience was unfamiliar, but was excited because it
was Night Ranger.

2. Sign of the Times- Again audience was unfamiliar, but I was loving it.
They sounded great.

3. Rumors In the Air- Classic Brad intro.

4. Sing Me Away- Kelly sounded great.

5. Neverland- Again audience was unfamiliar, but I was getting off.

6. Sentimental Street- Suprisingly warm reception (all electric) Fitz
got an introduction before the song and the audience started a Fitz
chant. I think he really liked that. Only bad point was the guy right
behind me who was tone deaf singing in my ear.

7. Goodbye- Jeff played plugged in Acoustic and Brad was electric.

Panic in Jane was scheduled as Ellen noted, but they didn't play it.
Possibly because of the blank stares during all the prior
Neverland/Seven songs? Bummer.

8. Touch of Madness

9. 4 in the Morning- Brad's classic fender went bad and he switched
to his back up Hammer.

10. When You Close Your Eyes.

11. Coming of Age- Got a great audience response, but is this really
necessary if they won't play Panic or Sea of Love?

12. Rock in America- Solos still give me goosebumps.

Jack said "this is where we leave and come back for a pre planned
encore, but we have nowhere to go. Does anyone have any requests?"
I yelled Panic in Jane, Sea of Love, This Boy Needs to Rock. The tone
deaf guy behind me kept yelling for Interstate "Love Song". Needless to
say they did the one Jack said we were all pretty sick of back in 84-85.

13. Sister Christian

14. DTMYLM- Great guitar tradeoffs

The guys really seemed to be having a great time yucking it up and they
sounded great.

- ???

Thanks for the review, ???!