The concert at Sunset Station Casino, September 26, 1998!

It was great to finally meet Jack after 15 years of being a fan. I thought I had blown it. I should have been at the hotel by the time he got there, but I took a wrong turn. Sharon was the lucky one, getting to meet him at the front desk. I felt so lucky that we could be there for the sound check. It made up for all those crazy fans at the concert. Hey, did we ever get that drunk guy's name? We did spend so much time with him, or should I say, he spent so much time with us.

Another highlight was Jeff signing my cd. They are such nice guys.

So this morning, I got off the elevator on the way to check out and I saw a row of people walking in front of me down the long hallway. It happened to be Jack and his family. They were walking really slow probably on their way to get breakfast, so I just walked slowly behind them. That was a nice ending to the trip for me.

- Mary

Thanks for the review, Mary!