The concert at the Chippewa Valley Fest, July 19, 1998!

Just got back from Cadott and seeing NR. All I can say is WOW. They were
superb. Soooo much energy coming off that stage. Everyone has stayed in
great shape, unlike Foghat, who played before (I know they're older).

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I was really seeing them again
(4th time since '84). I hope to see them again either in Waukesha, WI or
Medina, MN. Anyhow, I don't think Jack even introduced SOTT to the
crowd, but, one of the DJ's interviewed Brad backstage and they played
it on the big monitor, he talked quite a bit about Seven and SOTT and
when she asked him why they got back together, he said they did a show
in Japan and several record labels (Japanese, I think) wanted to sign them,
so they signed with Zero. The rest is history,

Tip: Stand on Brad's side of the stage, he threw several guitar picks
(I didn't get one) :( Jeff didn't throw any.

Disappointment: NO MERCHANDISE. Nothing.

Apparently people were walking around before the show asking if you
wanted to meet NR after the show. They only took 10 or so people.
They would not let anyone else in.
Didn't write down the set list but they started with SOTT and finished with
DTMYLM. In the middle was (in no order) Four in the Morning, Touch of
Madness, Sing Me Away, Sentimental Street, Sister Christian, Rock In America,
Coming of Age, Rumours in the Air, When you close your Eyes, Neverland
(Jack said "You don't know this one, but we don't care we like playing it) I
tried to yell "Jack SOME of us know it!!! There may have been more, I don't
remember right now.

Brad and Jack were definitely the most active. Jeff seemed a little mellow.
Fitz was pretty motionless. Kelly was energized too.

All in all a super show, had VIP seats and sat in the very front row.

- Mark

Thanks for the review, Mark!