The concert at Civic Center Park, September 7, 1998!

I Finally got the time to write my review!

A Taste Of Colorado - The first show started about 1:30 on a very hot, dry Colorado day. The weather was perfect but maybe a little too hot for the guys to do more than a little over an hour. Jack especially had sweat just pouring off his face. It was amusing that Jack must have A) either lost weight or B)just bought shorts that were too big, because if you were paying attention he would occasionally run to the back and jump and pull his shorts up as fast as he could and then come out from behind where he had been to sing or play his next part. Before the concert even began Brad came out to the side and did autographs (many people didn't even know who he was until a crowd started to form and then curiosity got the best of some. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions one of them being to the effect of Night Ranger staying together after a break for the solo projects, Brad seemed to think they would be remaining together. I then also asked if there was much tension within the band and Brad didn't say much other than something to the effect of it helped keep them sharp and that tension wasn't really a bad thing to have sometimes. Brad told me he was actively planning and working on his next solo which could include Eddie Money! I asked Brad if it would be more instrumental or singing and if I remember right he said he hoped at least eight of the tracks would have vocals! Brad couldn't talk about what label he was going to sign with. Later after the concert I saw Brad again and he was just walking around the Taste Of Colorado festival by himself! I decided to leave him alone and let him have time alone and just enjoy what us non star type people enjoy.

The concerts both began a little goofy, (I thought) the concert was featured on the Best Buy stage and that little price tag guy in the Best Buy commercials came out and (poorly) attempted to get the crowd pumped. However, when Night Ranger did attack the stage there was no slowing them down (the heat didn't seem to bother them either). They started the concert with New York Time and then pretty much did a greatest hits type thing with the exception of Sign of the times which Jack prefaced by saying to the crowd how he knew crowds hate to hear new music they don't know but to bear with it, they had a new record out called Seven. I got tired just watching the guys run around especially Jack! Back and forth, jumping all over the place on the drums over to the keyboards then to Brad then on to Jeff! He later referred to himself as a Mexican Jumping Bean! Jack's and Kelly's voices sounded great and I couldn't make out any mistakes in any of the performance. Halfway through the set they did slow it down a little and Fitz had a really great intro into Sentimental Street and then they played Goodbye. Fitz was wearing his Chicago Bulls shirt and they teased the crowd about the Bull's. Last summer I saw them and it was only days after the Bulls won and Fitz was wearing a Bull's jersey then too. Jack later did his thing about Sister Christian and how when it came out everyone got sick of it and he and Kelly joked some back and forth. Jack then dedicated it to John Elway of the Denver Broncho's. Jack said they had heard it was one of his favorite songs.

As hot as it was, there was a Jack fanatic who was dressed in tight leather revealing a lot! She had a sign made saying "I Love You Jack" with a heart, later it made it's way onto the stage and Brad found it and started holding it up behind Jack and said "I love you man" and then pretended to cry. I believe the same person also later threw a teddy bear to Jack who wasn't sure what to do with it but kissed it and threw it to a person back stage and said thank you. The next concert the bear was front and center sitting on an amp facing the crowd.

Jeff was fun to watch and quite often made faces playing with the crowd and often made eye contact. I think you would have needed a chisel to get the smile off of Kelley's face, he seemed to be having the time of his life. The routines of the guys playing next to each other and being side by side was still going on and as always fun to watch, In fact Brad and Jack did a back to back leaning thing all of the way to the floor and kept playing the whole time! All in all the first show was great but very short but I didn't blame them it was HOT!

After the show we were told that they couldn't come out because VH1 was there and were going to be doing an interview and maybe to come back. VH1 had been very busy taping during the entire show. We came back after awhile and got to see the whole band on stage with (Robin Doreen?) doing the interview. I could not really make out the questions well but they were all having a good time and seemed to be joking a lot. Jeff and Jack kept looking out at us and the other people who had gathered and posed for pictures from the stage while the interview was going on. I asked when it might be aired and the guy seemed to think pretty soon and thought it was a full Behind The Scenes special or whatever they call those shows.

The next show was at night and there was a huge crowd! I was front row center and I hope got some great shots. The guys were dressed up a lot more for this show and again seemed to have a great time on stage. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing them live but I wished they would have played more of a variety especially new ones. Halfway through the show Jack came out wearing a Colorado Avalanche jersey and swore they were his favorite team! I can't remember the number but it had "Roy" on the back (sorry I'm not more up on me hockey, I'm a wrestler). Their energy level was the same but the crowd really made this concert come to life!!! Jack pretended to kiss Kelly after he had sung from the center and raised Jack's mike stand to his level to sing. Jack and Kelly seemed to have a good time together and when Jack was talking this time about Sister Christian and how people got sick of it Kelly, acting like he was going to cry said "Hey shut up man" and Jack said "No you shut up we all got tired of that song". It was obvious they were only teasing each other and don't stone me if I didn't get the EXACT words right of what Jack said but I know I'm close. After the concert all of the guys came out one by one and did pictures and autographs and answered as many questions as I could get in. I probably did more to sell their new record that day than the whole band! I was talking to everyone there and telling them about their new record and that they have been back together awhile now, again people were unaware of new material or it's existence. Many people said they were definitely going to go get it! I spent more time with Fitz probably than anyone else talking about what he is doing and he told me a possible name for his solo but the harder I try to remember the more I can't! I do know if I saw it I would know it but it sounded like a GREAT title! I asked Fitz if he liked composing more since he doesn't write much with the band and he told me that he likes to arrange much more with the band. Piecing parts of songs and music together with Night Ranger. I admit I'm not very musically competent when it come to technical stuff and was a little lost with some of what he later told me. I really think Fitz was supprised I took as much time as I did and showed interest in his work, I think he gets overlooked too often. Jack seemed in a good mood and I asked, if after Damn Yankees, Night Ranger was going to be together and his reply was "I hope so".

I'm sure I forgot some stuff but they were great shows and I had a blast! I personally now have seem them at least eight times and I think they were having more fun on this tour than I have ever seen them. I remember the first time I saw them it was so loud you could feel the music penetrate into you and my ears rang for hours, now days I guess they can't play that loud anymore but there was something about it I miss. If they ever did it that loud again I would bring earplugs! This and every other concert I have seen for at least the last five years have been much quieter than previous and I did not have to shout at the people I was with for them to hear me.

Sorry I'm late for an appointment and I didn't get time to proof my letter so be patient and I hope it makes sense.

- Mark

Thanks for the great review, Mark!