The concert at Civic Center Park, September 6, 1998!

Four of us went to "A Taste of Colorado" last night to see Night Ranger (on the Best Buy Main Stage, for free!) and they kicked! I was kind of hesitant before we went, because I knew they'd been out of the scene for a while and I was afraid it'd be one of those situations where it's "Night Ranger" in name only, but uh-uh...the original five guys were there, looking pretty much like they did from the "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" video. If Van Halen wants another opening act besides KWS, I'd like to give a real strong endorsement to NR.

They only did two songs I'd never heard before, but the rest of the set was straight off the "Greatest Hits" CD, 9 of 12 cuts off the CD were in the concert. The set list, kind of in order:

N.Y. Time (good, but never heard it until last night)
Rumours in the Air
Sing Me Away
Four in the Morning
Touch of Madness
When You Close Your Eyes
Sentimental Street
Signs of the Times (new song, Great Tune!)
Comin' of Age (the Damn Yankees tune)
You Can Still Rock in America
Sister Christian
Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Seventy minute show, approx. Some of the highlights: Jack Blades' energy level was off the damn scale--you thought Gary Cherone worked hard.

Kelly Keagy and JB share vocals on "Goodbye" and it was funny watching them because Kelly's like a foot taller than Jack, so the mike stand is up and down, up and down. Then Kelly threw all of Brad Gillis' picks off his mike stand into the crowd.

JB came out in a Colorado Avalanche jersey for the encores and made a funny little speech leading into "Sister Christian" about how this next song is one that "everybody got sick of, and leaped to change the station when it came on"--he's right, I did get sick of it, but it's got a lot of memories now.

Jeff Watson and Gillis played some tremendous guitar, JW still has that eight-finger-on-neck technique going.

Gillis did the intro to "Rumours" doing "Cathedral", or at least it looked and sounded like "Cathedral" but I'm not a guitar player, so I may be wrong.

- Dennis Stanley

Thanks for the nice review, Dennis!