The concert at Vernon Downs, Sunday August 23, 1998!

I just got home about an hour and a half ago after driving about 6 hours today,
so I'll make this brief (Thanks for writing all the show detail, Craig, 'cause I'm
still a little dazed.) I'll just get to all the nitty-gritty, juicy parts (Good thing, too,
'cause I got a little lengthy -- sorry!)...

Me, my chyx, and Craig and his friend were chatting away during one of the
local bands' sets, when Brad walked right past us! We're saying, "Nah, can't
be... HEY, IT IS!" (Can ya believe that we still sat there for a few more sec-
onds?) Needless to say, we bolted!

It was up to my girl, Brandy, to approach him since the rest of us suddenly lost
our nerve. (Geez, what's wrong with us?) Well, Brad was a champ and was
very kind, friendly, and sweet to us... Especially when I whipped out all of my
NR stuff! I really didn't expect him to sign all of it. I purposely told him that it
would be fine for him to choose his favorite or the one that he was most proud
of. Nope, the man signed every single thing I brought! Then he posed for a
couple of pictures with us. What a sweet man.

Ah... The show... What can I say that Craig and Richard (Didn't know you were
there, Rich.) didn't already cover? The guys certainly noticed us singing
"SOTT" (as well as a few audience members next to me who seemed confused
that we all knew the words and they didn't) and that obviously made NR really
happy. I saw Jeff do a double-take and give us a great big grin. :::sigh::: Uh,
hem... Uh, back to the show...

Whadda say we take up a big 'ole collection and buy Jack a new bass, huh? Ya
think he'd know better by now.

Us girls were all right up against the barrade with Craig and his bud pretty much
playing bodyguards behind us (Thanks!), so I hope that at least half of the 3 rolls
of film that I took came out good (Oh, okay! Practically a full roll of Jeff and 2 of
NR and the Tubes, alright?) I'm pretty sure that Jeff noticed that I kept snapping
in his direction 'cause he seemed to be really hamming it up for me. :::ooh, that

:::Cough, cough!::: It was great to see them running around on that great big
stage and enjoying every second of it and to hear the emense crowd behind
us cheering them on! I was able to get a hold of a Jeff pick... Well, Jeff didn't
do such a great job in throwing it so it ended up falling short of the barrade.
If it weren't for the girl next to me and Craig behind me both pointing to me
when the guard was trying to figure out who to give it to, I wouldn't have it
in my possession now. Thanks again, Craig! And to the nice girl, if you're
out there, thanks!!

Post-show... While Craig was doing his thing with the Tour Manager, we
hung around waiting to catch glimpses of the band. Only Brad and Jeff
came out to greet all of us. Since I had already met Brad, I (of course!)
made a bee-line for Jeff. As well as all my NR stuff, I also had my Mother's
Army (PE and FotM) and his solo stuff with me. He also SIGNED
EVERYTHING (well, almost everything, the silver pen that I had Brad
sign "Seven" with, made it stick to the back of another insert, so now I
need to have Jeff sign "Seven")! And, yes, Robert, the front of the AtS
CD insert is now sporting the words "Jeff Watson!" Ellen, you'll be
interested in hearing that FotM is Jeff's favorite MA album (as well as
mine -- this CD is fantastic!).

So, now that I've *really* gotten Jeff's attention, I asked him for a picture
with me... So, RITA listees, in a couple of days, I will have a picture of Jeff
nibbling on my ear while we are arm-in-arm -- and he was quite happy
about it, so my friends tell me -- in my hot little hands! (Hmm, I wonder
how the boyfriend will react to this one?) Needless to say, I AM *ONE
REALLY HAPPY Rocker Chic!* In fact, I still have that warm fuzzy
feeling... (Okay, not exactly "warm and fuzzy," but there may be minors
reading this, so I'm trying to be gentle.) :-D

All in all, it was a wonderful day from start to finish. I got to see a friend
that I haven't seen since 4th of July '97, meet a new friend, and hang out
with one of the sweetest and coolest members of RITA, Craig. I just
hope that we all get the chance to do this again...

Well, I gotta get Jeff's sig' on Seven and my other ear has a chill! (Yowza!)

One very satisfied,

- Rocker Chic

Thanks for the nice review, Rocker Chic!