The concert at Vernon Downs, Sunday August 23, 1998!

I see that I am not the only one who was at the show yesterday!!! I got to
the parking lot at 8:30 in the morning..I had to make sure I was the first
person through the gates...which I was!! :) I stayed at the front of the
stage through the whole day...just waiting for the guys to come out. I was
directly in front of Brad...and got alot of excellent pics of the guys...along
with some candid shots while the guys were on the side of the stage before
they went on!!! While things were being set up for the Tubes I spotted
Jeff and Brad off to one side of the stage and then Brad walked around to
the other side...about 50 people around me all think that Brad is deaf because
I screamed his name so loud that it ehoed and he didn't hear me!! :)

Anyway...the show was great!! A friend of mine came along for the trip
basically to just get away for a couple of days ( we are from CT and stayed
over), and he doesn't like rock least not until he saw the guys
yesterday!! He has been converted!! I wish there was a chance of more
dates around here...but I guess I am just thankful that I saw them! I got
picks from Jack and Brad...and almost had a drum stick...but I gave it up
since I had one personally handed to me last year at Toads.

There were only two things that kinda sucked...they did Coming Of Age...
and Brad threw the teddy bear I had brought for him that a guard had put
on the stage out to the crowd....and don't think I didn't say something to him
about it after...cuz I did!! :) I told him it was a gift for him and he said he was I forgave him!! Like I could actually be mad at him any way!! I also
had a chance to talk to Jeff a little too.

I guess now all that I can hope for is that they do another cd and tour again
in the next couple of years...and hit all the sates!! :)

Keep Rockin!!

- Steph

Thanks for the nice review, Steph!