The concert at the Waukesha Riverfest, Friday July 31, 1998!

Good Morning All,

Wow. The concert of the century is now past (I kept calling it that to
all of my friends- hehe). Awesome show, as expected. I'm not going
to do a long analysis of the show, but I will mention a couple of things.
They did do the complete set list, but no PIJ. I didn't see anyone else
holding up their "Seven" inserts during SOTT :(. Who was it that had
all of the vinyl cases, including some Rubicon ones that Jack commented
on? Cool. Really good turnout from what I hear. I couldn't tell from
where I was standing. I dragged along about 10 friends who couldn't
remember any songs from NR and were generally making fun of me
for being nutso about this band. But, they said that they really liked the
show (and the women liked Jeff's cheast and Jack's happy, smiling face).
I took some pictures, I'm not sure how they will turn out, I may not have
been close enough. Enough from me.


Oh, happy day,

- Pam

Thanks for the review, Pam!