The concert at Piere's, Wednesday July 29, 1998!

Hi Everyone,

I just got back about 5 hours ago. The show was excellent!! I can't remember
the whole set, but this is what I remember. Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Sing
Me Away, Sister Christian, (You Can Still) Rock In America, When You Close
Your Eyes, Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight, Four In The Morning, Sentimental
Street, Goodbye, Touch Of Madness, Rumours In The Air, New York Time,
Neverland, and Sign Of The Times.

I think that is it!! Sorry I don't have the songs in order. They started off with
New York Time and ended with Sister Christian and Don't Tell Me You Love
me as the encores. I was upfront, center stage and had Jack right in front of
me. I did take 24 pictures and I am getting those developed today.

They looked and sounded excellent. No equipment problems. As far as I could
tell. I met some great people from the list. Amy and Chuck, Elizabeth and Ray,
Dawn and her husband (sorry your name has slipped my mind), Kelly and of
course Monique who has traveled to all of the shows. She even quit her job to
follow the band. She got all of their autographs on her shirt. She was just too
excited. I got to meet Jeff (thanks Amy!!!) and he is just the most sweetest person.
He even stayed after the whole band left in a limo. Amy might have some tip bits
up on her site soon. She talked along time to Jeff and even got his address. Way
to go Amy!!

Oh yes, I forgot one song. Coming Of Age. It rocked, but I would rather have
a NR song instead. Nothing from Big Life or Man In Motion.

The opening band was from Ft. Wayne. I believe the correct name is Little
Green Men. They were a hard rock/thrash band. They played alot of covers,
Metallica, Pantera, Ozzy, Dream Theater, plus some of their originals. Not a
bad band, if you like that kind of rock. I really don't, but they were great

Well, off to get my pictures developed. I hope that throw away camera did the
trick!! Especially the pics of Jack.

- Judy

Thanks for the review, Judy!