The concert at Piere's, Wednesday July 29, 1998!

Piere's was packed! Several people from the area commented that they
had never seen so many people there on a week night. :) I have no idea
how many "packed" is, I don't think it sold out, but the crowd was definitely
into the show. A couple of times I couldn't hear the band for all the fans
singing. I think even Kelly and Jack were pleased; they had us sing
several times and at least acted surprised at the volume.

As was mentioned, the guys looked great (yum!) and there were no
equipment probs for this show at least. It was a small stage and Kelly
was stuck in the back, behind some amps that Jack kept jumping up on
and walking across, but he still managed to project his presence and be
involved in what was going on. I was a bit disappointed that Panic In
Jane wasn't even on the set list - there goes the last chance for two
songs from Seven :o( - but what they did sounded Wonderful; great
guitars, smooth keys and Incredible vocals by Kelly :o) (and that other
guy as well (g)). Even though it was a short show, it was energetic and
lots of fun.

Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood. I really enjoyed seeing
Jack and Kelly goofing off like they used to, and Brad and Jeff once
again standing side-by-side while they wailed away on those incredible
harmonic leads. (I really hope that Jack and Kelly hanging all over each
other during Goodbye is just a humorous theme for this year and not a
statement of just how good of friends they've become. (VEG)) It was
great to have "wings" on the stage for the guys to walk out on. It gave
a lot more people a chance to see up close that fabulous guitar work!
Brad and Jeff used them often and it was much appreciated by the fans.

I've got to say it again, the energy level on that stage was so high!
Everyone ('cept Fitz. Poor guy, stuck behind those keys) was running
around and playing the crowd and generally having a blast. (Ok,
technically Kelly walked, 'cept when he tripped and "fell" stepping over
the amp-thingie.) The songs just kept coming with hardly any breaks and
the overall tempo of the show was blistering. I was exhausted by the
time they were done and all I had done was stand there and try to hold
my head very still. BTW, my neck is improving, for those of you who
are interested. I think the sub-sonic therapy did wonders last night. :)

Despite the possibility that things are not all sunshine and roses within
the band, they are doing a great job of putting on a show for us and I
appreciate it. I, too, would have swapped Coming of Age for Panic in
Jane in record New York time, but it gets a good response from the
crowd so they will continue to play it. I only saw two Seven covers in
the air while Jack was talking about it - that's not real encouraging. On
the other hand, everyone in the audience ('cept me) knows Coming of
Age. :( If Seven would just take off they would play more of it, but with the
airplay they are getting now, that's just not going to happen. On the other
hand, Piere's promoted the heck out of this show and packed the place,
so we know the interest is there... (sigh) I'm rambling again. Sorry.

Back to the review. The only merchandize Night Ranger had were
autographed CDs for $20. (A shame since T-shirts are so inexpensive to
make.) The opening act, who gave a good show I guess (I Hate that kind
of music, sorry all) had shirts and it didn't look good for NR to not have
any. I hope they sold a bunch of CDs though. I paid almost $20 for the
one I have, so the price was great.

I saw Jeff briefly after the show. We talked a bit about Amy's site, and
waterskiing and he signed a couple of things for me. He is indeed the
friendly one this tour and I very much enjoyed having the chance to chat
with him a moment. I had about 2 minutes with Kelly also, but I didn't have
a chance to get him to sign Seven. All in all a satisfying night, but I wish
they would have come down and talked with the fans who waited so
patiently and politely. We wouldn't have bit them. ;)

It was also fun to meet up with Judy, Amy, Elizabeth and um... ohboy, I'm
gonna hear from somebody for forgetting his name! (sorry!) I'm not the
best at small talk, as you now know, but it was great to see all of you. (You
will never know how glad I was to hear that nobody got lost following my
directions!) Y'all did a great job of partying in that front row! I'm looking
forward to seeing some of those pictures. :o)

- Kelly M. Fitzpatrick

Thanks for the nice review, Kelly!