The concert at The Edge, Monday June 22, 1998!

Ok. how did they sound? Well, they ROCKED! What can I say! I was
not in the least bit disappointed! Aside from the technical problems
during the opening song, New York Time (the vocals were just
completely missing. . .the instruments sounded great, just couldn't
hear Jack or Kelly's voices), they sounded fantastic. I honestly
don't remember any technical problem during "Forever All Over
Again", but that certainly doesn't mean they weren't there. . .my
memory of the night is a little vague, not due to any substance,
mind you.I think the two hour drive and lack of sleep did that to me!

The songs themselves were perhaps a little harder and faster than
their studio counterparts. . .the live records certainly do paint a
very good picture of how the band does sound life. . .the energy
they have (must be from all the Everlasting Gob Stoppers!), can be
felt throughout the room. Geez. . .how do I describe a sound? I
can say that they were technically excellent, and sounded very
tight together. It was easy to see that they all knew their instruments
very well, even Jack who has often been picked as the weakest
musician played excellently), and they sounded excellent together
(as they should be!)

- Russell Dauberman

Thanks for the review, Russell!