Thw show in Cinncinnatti, OH, July 7, 1999

Well, last night's incredible show certainly made up for the cancelled Columbus gig, IMO! I really have to say this was possibly the best NR show I've seen in the last 3 years.

The guys seemed to be having a terrific time onstage - more clowning around than usual. Brad kicking Jack in the butt, Jeff flipping Jack's hair with his guitar neck, Jack teasing Fitz, etc. Very entertaining! Oh, at one point, Jack took some gal's camera and had the guys pose so he could take pics! LOL! Kelly and Jack did a good job of pumping up the crowd, although the crowd didn't need a whole lot of help in that aspect. The place was packed and the crowd was totally energized. One of my friends from the area said they'd never seen that big of a crowd for some of the other 80's bands that have played there. Anyway....

We got a full set including 7 Wishes, which sounded absolutely fantastic! Kelly had told me in Columbus that they'd probably throw that one in the set since they were doing a solo gig, but he wasn't 100% sure. I'm glad they did - what a thrill to hear it live after all these years! Set list was the usual...."Eddie" is back in and they did both DY songs,too. The sound was good except for during the first couple songs, Kelly's vocals were kinda buried. But that got straightened out rather quickly. During some songs, the crowd was singing along so loud, you couldn't hear Jack or Kelly's vocals!

The guys didn't hang much after the show. They have a traveling day today and were ready to get some rest (which they needed after that great show! )so they could get up and on the road today. Actually, Jeff and Brad were the only ones who mingled with the fans and signed things. There was a pretty good crowd of people around the tour bus.

All in all, it was a fantastic show. I'm still not happy that the Columbus show got cancelled, but it sure was a much better treat to see NR only and get a full set.

I wanted to say that it was nice to meet Bill from the Night Ranger mailing list at the show last night! :) Bill, did you end up seeing Brad? He had left and came back, for some reason. Hope you caught him.

Also....Thomas...are you out there? I wanted to let you know that the guys remembered meeting you in Albany! At the cancelled Columbus show, Elizabeth and I ended up having reservations at the same hotel the band was at and we got the chance to hang with Keith, Jimmy (guitar tech), Jack, Kelly and Jeff for quite a while at the hotel bar. Jeff told me right away about getting to meet and talk with Kyle and then he told me about you, too, Thomas. :) Keith also remembered you. I think they were quite impressed that you traveled all the way to the states to see them and were glad to meet you. :)

- Amy Williams

Thanks for the review, Amy!