Thw show in Cinncinnatti, OH, July 7, 1999

Hey Everyone,

Well, all I got to say here is EXCELLENT!!!! They sounded so great last night. In a way, I'm glad Columbus was canceled. That was my decision to go last night. Over an hour and a half of just NR. I was in heaven. It started out really bumpy. They started a song and had to stop. New set list people!!! I can't remember the song they were starting, but it was New York Time that they played first. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! PARTY!!! And having Seven Wishes added into the set was something sweet!! OK, in no particular order, here are the songs. I hope I don't mess up. I had a short night!!

Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Sing Me Away-YEAH!!
Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight
Let Him Run
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock In America
When You Close Your Eyes
Touch Of Madness
Rumors In The Air
Seven Wishes
Sentimental Street
Four In The Morning
New York Time

Coming Of Age
High Enough

Did I miss anything guys? The crowd was just excellent. Except for some pushing by people to get up front, it was a pretty controlled crowd. Someone even offered a beer to me, for my ALMOST, front center stage spot. NO WAY BUDDY!!! I don't like beer anyway!! I did take almost two rolls of film. I hope to get them developed today and scanned by the end of the weekend. Of course, TOO many pics of Jack. NOT!!! He looked excellent. White tank top, black velvet pants. Everyone in the band were awesome. Interacted with the crowd. Jack and Kelly making faces at each other all night. Jack and Brad doing that back thing. You know, when the lean against each other and go all the way to the ground. Jack teasing Fitz about his quietness. Barely a smile out of that guy!!! Jeff was great. Would get the crowd going but raising his hands in the air, and then lower them (to quiet the crowd down). It was too funny!!!

I went down with Amy, so we hung out together. We met some of her friends down there, late. Went out by the tour bus and saw Brad and Jeff. Jack and Kelly were in the bus. I should have taken a pic of them. You could see them through the front window. Jeff was wonderful to stand and sign autographs and talk a bit. The highlight, was when he gave Amy a hug and a KISS!!! WOW!!! He is such a sweetie. It made Amy's night too!!!

Well, I actually have to get some work done around the house. YEAH RIGHT!!! Or sleep!! Talk to everyone later!!

- Judy Davis

Thanks for the review, Judy!