Thw show at Pepsi Arena in Albany, June 30, 1999

There was a decent turnout for the show (maybe 5K ?) and although the crowd was somewhat slanted towards the Nuge - not as much as I would have anticipated. NR had a pretty good reception. Slaughter started the show (I missed them). Quiet Riot followed and then NR.

Here is my recollection of the set list (I know I will have the order wrong).

Touch of Madness
Rumors in the Air
Sing me Away
Sentimental Street
Coming of Age (DY)
Seven Wishes
Four in the Morning
Sister Christian

When I asked Brad after the show about the lack of Seven content - he claimed that they were only suppose to play for 45 minutes and they were already pushing it to an hour. He also mentioned that they would probably replace 7 Wishes with Eddie. There was not even a mention of a new album during the show. All the other acts on the RNS tour played some new stuff. I was also surprised that there was no Damn Yankess interaction between Nuge and Jack. I thought for sure Jack would come out during Nuge's set and play some DY tune.

I had the honor to meet fellow list member Thomas and sat next to him during his first NR experience. He surprisingly remained conscious throughout the whole event despite his exitement level.

This was my 6th NR show and it probably ranks near the bottom. They sounded great and put on a fantastic show but I am frustrated at the lack of diversity in their show. I know alot of it is due to having to play a shorter set as part of a bigger tour but I can pull out the 7 Wishes video and pretty much hear the same stuff and hear Jack say almost the same lines. The only thing that keeps me coming back for more is the hope that they will play something from this decade and Kelly's improvisations.

As much as I enjoy hanging around 30-something year old women trying to wear the same clothes they did when they were 18, having my ears ringing for two days and getting home at 3:30am - I am going to have to reevaluate how much I want to see the 7 Wishes Tour '99.

- Greg Olen

Thanks for the review, Greg!