Thw show at Pepsi Arena in Albany, June 30, 1999

I'm a big fan from Canada, and I just got back home from a trip to New York State to see the first Rock Never Stops concert in Albany.

Night Ranger fans will be glad to learn that they put on what I consider the best show they ever performed - this was the fourth time I saw them, and I own the two live video cassettes. They are the third band to perform (after Slaughter and Quiet Riot) which is good because the crowd is really into it when they get on stage. It's a nice change from them being the opening act for some other bands like last summer. The guys all look in great shape and they have a ball on stage. The stage itself is pretty big, the light show is excellent, and the sound is almost painfully loud. That is also a nice change from last summer. This Rock Never Stops concert is excellent and very well organized, and you should tell all NR fans that they HAVE to see this concert. My only disappointment was that they only performed old stuff - absolutely nothing from Neverland or Seven. The set list was the following:

Touch Of Madness
Sing Me Away
When You Close Your Eyes
Rumours In The Air
Seven Wishes (I really did not expect this one...!!! They played
a cool new version that sounded awesome)
Sentimental Street
Four In The Morning
Coming Of Age
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock In America

They performed in front of approx. 9 000 people!

- Robert Paquet

Thanks for the review, Robert!