Thw show in Green River, Wyoming, June 25, 1999

HI! Well this was the Best concert I have ever been too. It was great It was Outdoors Near the Green River. It was festival seating. (No Seats just Grass & pavement) Needles to say we were front row. The whole night. People in Wyoming do not know what a rock show is. The only had one small 18 year old security Guard. So we were reaching up on to the stage. During Solos We would grab there boots and stuff. Kelly gave me one of Jacks picks and handed my friend a drum stick. (We are both 33 but we rocked harder then any of the young ones) Brad and Jeff also gave us picks. Brad and Jeff's have their names on them Jacks is just plain. The music was great the Audience was great. Some of the women threw there Bras up on stage. Brad came out for the encore wearing one on his head. The Newest song they played was New York Time. This was a great place to see a show. Next month Lover boy & 38 Special will be there.

Can not wait to see them again in SLC.

- Dave Houston

Thanks for the review,!