Thw show in Green River, Wyoming, June 25, 1999

Wow, what a great night of Rock&Roll we had. It all started on Friday afternoon around 1:00 pm. My wife, myself and my good friend, whom I play air guitar with at every Night Ranger show we get to see. Sometimes I'm Brad and he is Jeff or vice versa, we had about 175 miles to travel from Ogden,Utah and had hoped that when we got there that the show was not canceled, we didn't care about the travel we just didn't want to be let down.

We were very happy to find out that the Ranger had done their sound check around 1 pm and that the show was a go. We arrived around 5:00 and was ready to rock. We met a local named Bill he was very friendly and let us know all about their town. A friend I work with does embroidery and made me and my friend some hats with the NR logo on them and the first band out, I asked the keyboard player if he was gonna party with the boys and he said he was, so I asked if he would get our hats signed and he took them and needless to say I haven't seen them since.

The two bands that opened were very good and got us ready to go, when it was time for the boys to rock boy did they rock, opened up with NY Time and great song after song. We were on the front row and I've got to tell you there is no two better guitarist on the stage at the same time than Brad and Jeff, those two can play the strings. Brad made sure I got a pick, after I dropped the one he threw me, he put the next one right in my hand. Jack and Kelly had the vocals going and they were very smooth, Kelly did a great job with the vocals on "High Enough" and "Coming of Age" and Fitz was great also. Kelly handed me a drumstick and my friend is going to have all of the picks and drumstick put in a plaque. This is our favorite band of all time and if you get a chance to see them make sure you go.

July 16th the Rock Never Stops tour lands in Salt Lake City and I will be there and ill have my friend make me some new hats, hopefully I will get them signed myself.


- Eddie

Thanks for the review, Eddie!