The show in St. Louis on Sunday 22 August 1999

Greetings everyone from STL.
The Sunday concert review: I had not seen my old favorite band in ten years. I was prepared to sit in the lawn seats, when I unexpectedly got in line behind a new friend who was there with his wife and three kids. It turns out Larry is Jack Blades' cousin. Larry gave myself and my friend 20th row tickets. He had backstage passes as well, but was obligated to give those to cousins who showed up later.
I tell ya, I've been on Sentimental Street all day today. It was amazing -- I never forgot all the lyrics after all these years. They harmonized so well on Sing Me Away and Sentimental Street. Sing Me Away has always been great live. Speaking of harmonies, the way I recalled it, Fitz, Brad and Jack/Kelly did the background vocals. Now Jeff's got a mike and Fitz doesn't. Has Jeff learned to sing in the last ten years? Mega kudos to him. He'll have to teach me.
Great to see again:
1. Kelly's impeccable drum timing, singing, throwing drum sticks -- at
times all at once!
2. Brad, and that familiar red and black guitar, at all times.
3. Jack's stage presence.
4. Jeff's maturity, as a guitar player and an artist; as well as his
5. Fitz -- the glue that holds it all together.
6. The drums set up from the side.
7. The huge NR banner.
8. Jack and Kelly hugging each other, and the way they introduced each
other -- you can still tell a special friendship there, which is so
9. Jack's glitter shirt -- gotta find me one.
10. The usual bow at the end, including Jack's kicks upwards.

Another question: What happened to Jeff's flying V guitars?
During the show Jeff put some distance onto a pick. It landed to my right, a few rows up. I told my friend, "There's a pick over there -- no one reacted to it." Sure enough, after the show, I found it behind a guy's seat. During Nugent, Larry and his family came back where I was, and presented me with a ticket stub signed by Jack.
A totally fun night! I just wish I could have gotten back stage, after all these years. To top it off, I made a new friend (Hi Melinda!!!).
Everyone: Hold out hope! I think there's still a few more good tours left. Let's also hope that Fitz stays aboard this time.

- Mike Finley

Thanks for the review, Mike!