The show at New George's in San Rafael, June 22, 1999

It's nearly 1 am and we just got back from the concert. New George's is a small and cozy venue. My husband and I staked out our spots right up front when we got there. Man, were we close! Just inches away from Jeff as he played his solos on an extended platform right in front of us. Jeff put a pick right into my hand after he played one of his solos. Brad played a few times on the platform in front of us too. My husband was thrilled.

The play list was the usual except for an acoustic version of "High Enough", which sounded great. I really wanted to hear tunes from Seven, but it was not to be. My husband thought Kelly sounded better than the shows we saw at this time last year. The first slow song they played, I think it was "Let Him Run" got cut a little short. Jack said something like they needed to work out that part.

There was a new addition to the road crew. Jack's son James appeared to be in training. Jack introduced him and announced that it was James' 20th birthday today. I wonder if he will join them on the tour.

Some funny stuff: Jeff knocked over Jack's mike stand after he, Jack and Brad were up on the platform playing. During a Kelly song, Kelly stood center stage, and Jack sat at the drums to sing back up. They threw towels back and forth at each other. Later, Jack was sitting on a stool next to Kelly, who was singing. When Jack wasn't looking, Kelly looked out at the crowd and held out his arm over Jack's head and quickly pulled it away, as if to say jokingly, "look how short he is". They all seemed to be having a great time up there.

Oh, is there a new manager or something? Some guy asked us how we liked the show, and said he was their manager. He's kind of Italian looking. I thought it was the older guy Keith. Anyone know? Was this guy pulling our leg?

Well, I must sleep, so I have energy for the Palo Alto show tomorrow night. (I guess it's tonight now)

- Mary

Thanks for the review, Mary!