The concert in Colorado Springs at the Falcon Stadium 6/14/97

Hi all...we just got back from the Colorado Springs (Falcon Stadium)
show. And WHAT a show it was! We got there around 11am, and NR came
on at about 4:10pm (yes, it was a long day). They played approximately
1 hour and 30 minutes, performing only 2 songs from Neverland
('Neverland' and 'FAOA'). There was a big group of us right up in the front
(of course!) that had met each other last year when they played right after
they got back together again. When I told them that Brad's birthday was
tomorrow, just as they all sat down to do the acoustic part of the show,
we all started singing happy birthday to Brad, and they just freaked
out! We gave him a birthday card with some pictures in it, and gave
Jack a card with some other pictures in it, and he opened it right on
stage and looked at them and got a kick out of it all!! They hung around
after the show and signed just about everything everyone had for
them to sign, and took pictures with all of us and gave all of us hugs
(mainly Jack). We had a lengthy conversation with Fitz, and tried to
get ourselves invited on the bus to go back to Colorado Springs, and
almost had Fitz convinced to let us go with them, but they swept him
away and drove off into the sunset!!

They seem to be pretty excited about 'Neverland', and they don't seem
too worried about FAOA being the first cut released. Fitz said that
some radio stations across the country are already playing the song,
and that whenever it is played, the radio stations just keep getting more
requests for it. Jack was glad to see that I had a copy of 'Neverland'
with me -- Fitz signed the cover, and Jack, Brad, and Jeff signed
pictures I had of them from last year. Kelly ran off with some of his
family before we had a chance to migrate to the bus after the show.

Well, that's my report from Colorado Springs. We never did get to eat
any chili (since the show was at a chili cook-off??????)!
What a GREAT show!!! WAHOO!!!!

- Cidney

Thanks for the nice review, Cidney!