The concert in Twin Cities in early June 1997

" My wife and I drove up from K.C. Friday. Some people thought
that's a long drive; I thought it was perfect. We put Dawn Patrol in the
player at the beginning of the trip and Neverland finished right before we
got to the ballroom.

We got right up front when the doors opened at 7:00 and thoroughly
enjoyed "Heartbreaker" a local cover band who did great versions of
'70's and '80's rockers. They were as excited to be warming up for
Night Ranger as we were to be seeing them.

1. Neverland - awesome, in your face rocker to start with.
It's only a shame the audience didn't know it.
2. Touch of Madness - as great as ever.
3. Sing me Away - Kelly sounded great, the audience went nuts.
4. Four in the Morning - sounded great (the general comment)
5. Brad solo - the man is one with his guitar, a true whammy artist
(we were front row right in front of him. At one point in the
show he stood on the restraining wall we were leaning on and soloed.)
6. Rumors - general comment
7. Jeff solo - 8 finger wizard. My only negative of the whole
show was that we could barely hear Jeff. I'm not sure if it's where
we were standing or if they just didn't have the mix right, but it
was a bummer on some of the duel solos to watch Brad then whip
around to see Jeff tearing it up the neck and barely hear anything.
Whatever the problem was I hope it has since been resolved
for future shows.
8. Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight - Killer version of old classic.

Acoustic set

8. Sentimental Street - Fitz on keys, Kelly up front on vocals,
everybody else clowning it up and singing harmony vocals.
9. Let Him Run - good as ever
0. High Enough - Regardless of your Night Ranger vs. Damn Yankees
opinion this is a great song, but it missed out by not having
the electric solo (Brad could have gone nuts on that one)
11. Goodbye - sounded great, but again needed the electric solo

Back to electric

12. Forever All Over Again - suprisingly Brad played
acoustic and Jeff was electric. Audience was unfamiliar,
but got good response nevertheless.
13. Night Ranger - great
14. Slap Like Being Born - see 12
15. When You Close Your Eyes - Always a live classic.
16. New York Time - Sounded great see 12
17. Coming of Age - Don't want to piss off any Ted fans
(I think he's a great guitarist), but Brad put him to shame.
18. Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Awesome,
I only wish I could have heard Jeff better


19. Sister Christian - Jack did an elongated introduction telling how
a woman once thought this song was about a Nun who sold dope.
He went on to explain it was written about Kelly's younger
sister from a small town in Oregon.
20. You Can Still Rock in America - Night Ranger
definitely proved you could Friday night.

General opinion. Great show, worth every mile. Just wish I could
have heard Jeff better. The guys were having a blast on stage mucking
it up and clowning around, but the music was tight and as great as ever.
It appeared as if they are as happy to be back together as we are to have
them together all over again.
The only merchandise for sale were two styles of T-shirts. A white
one with the Night Ranger logo on front, and Night Ranger still
rocking America '97 on back (that's what I got). And a black one
with a picture of a city saying Night Ranger still rocking America .

After the show we met Becky and she introduced us to Brad
(nice guy). Sorry we didn't hook up with you Christian

Can't wait 'til the K.C. and St. Louis shows.
Who else will be there?"

- Alan Hood

Thanks for the detailed review, Alan !