The concert in Columbus, Ohio 6/8/97

"This review will be from my perspective. It will have personal stories as
well, as the show was very intimate. The guys are definitely putting the
fans first.

I arrived in Columbus (from the Detroit area) at around 4pm. After a couple
stops around town, we went to the Newport and we're second in line for the
pre-show party. When the doors finally opened about 6:55pm, we bee-lined for
the front row. I was right in the middle. The opening act was a guy with
fake vampire teeth, singing and playing an acoustic guitar. He played about
a half hour.

Then the boys took the stage around 9:20. They started with Neverland. I
can't remember every song they did, but I saw the Jack's set list and it
listed 18 songs. I'll try to remember them all and post them. Brad and Jeff
did solo's fairly early in the show. The Fitz did a solo and went into
Sentimental Street. Kelly came out sang and then the rest of the guys came
out to sing back -up.

This was one of the shows lighter moments! Kelly was singing the 2nd verse
and he was looking right at me as I sang along. Then, he stopped and started
laughing. He was so caught up in watching me sing he forgot where he was.
He kept pointing at me and laughing. It was great.

The acoustic set was awesome. High Enough sounded incredible. Goodbye was
incredible and I especially liked it because they played it acoustic, then
stopped before the end and finished it electric. Jeff was also screwing
around on the acoustic guitar and he played a couple of old covers partially,
one the guys even piped in singing. It was cool.

Jack threw two picks to me. The first one was his thumb pick. It landed in
the guy's next to me shoe. The other one was one of Jeff's picks and it
landed in between the barrier and the stage (after bouncing off my palm doh!)
and a fat security picked it up and gave it to some girl....ARGH!
Jack did give me a high five, the only one he gave all night to the crowd.
That was cool.

Kelly also tossed me a drumstick! WOOHOO! I got that. And he tried to toss
a tamberine that he broke in fake disgust after messing up Sentimental St to
my cousin. But it didn't make it and security refused to pass it to us.

After the show the guys came out behind the Newport Music Hall and signed
autographs and talked to fans. It was way cool. Kelly signed the drumstick
he threw me and also laughed and joked about messing up the lyrics. He was
really cool. I got the rest of the guys to sign my ticket stubs.

You see, I had plenty of time to get the guys autographs because my truck got
towed. Apparently I was in a tow-away zone and didn't know it. After the
guys left, I finally found where my truck was and made the 3 hour trip home
pulling in about 4am. I didn't make it to work until 2pm!

One other side note, there was a homeless fellow out behind the Newport and
Jack walked back from their van taking them to the airport right before it
left and handed him an unknown bill. It looked like a $50 bill but I didn't
get a good look at it. Jack is the man.

Great show. The guys were very personable and did a lot of audience
interaction during the show. Made me feel part of the show! If you get to
see them, DO IT!"

- Steven Bee

Thanks for the great review, Steven Bee!