The concert at Tink's in August 1997

In August '97 I saw Night Ranger for the 5th time in my life.
I was fortunate enought to see them in a bar called Tink's in
Scranton PA. It was an intimate setting. Lot's of people but a
small bar. Let me assure everyone they haven't lost a thing.
They still pound out tons of energy. I was standing front row
center singing along word for word and playing air guitar note
for not along with them. Brad and Jeff noticed I was the biggest
fan in the place and they gave me a pick after almost every song.
After the final song, Rock in America, Kelly came over to me and
handed me a drumstick. Unfortunately a girl standing next to me
swiped it from my hand. After the show one of the people I went
with suggested we go around to the back of the building and wait
for them to come out. I was up for it but I thought there is no
way I will be lucky enough to meet them. I was wrong. About ten
minutes after we got to the back, Jeff walked out and I called to
him. He walked over to me and we talked a little. I was in awe.
Shortly there after Brad came out and all of a sudden I was
standing there with the two guitarists/musicians I have idolized
since I was a kid. I got my Night Ranger shirts autographed by
both of them and they signed my tickets and I got my picture
taken with them. They were very thankful for my kind words
and you could tell they were sincere. It was the greatest
experience of my life and a dream fulfilled. I didn't get a
chance to meet Jack, Kelly or Fitz they took off in a van
while I was talking with Jeff and Brad. Thats ok though...

- John Reed

Thanks for cool review, John !