The concert in San Antonio

"The band kicked off with "Neverland", then "Touch of Madness".
I don't exactly recall the song order, but I remember except for
"Neverland", and "Forever All Over Again", they played nothing
newer than the "7 Wishes" album. (Which was cool for me, cause
I love their old stuff). They did do several Damn Yankees songs
( "High Enough", and "Comin of Age"). And they really nailed them!
There was an acoustic set ("High Enough", "Let Him Run", and "Goodbye").
And both guitarists did solo's. Brad did a take on Eddie Van Halen
(another guitar hero of mine). I recognized the intros to "Mean Street",
and "Poundcake", then he did "Cathedral" and then went into
"Rumours In The Air". Jeff's solo was mostly that 8-fingered thing
he does like no one else. Even Fitz did a solo! They played for 2 hours,
finishing up with "Sister Christian", and "Rock In America".
One question: where does Jack Blades get all that energy?
The man was bouncin' off the walls! Few bands have this kind
of energy! 2 thumbs up! They've only gotten better."

- Tim

Thanks for the review, Tim!