The concert in El Paso

"Hi everyone,

I saw NR play on Friday in El Paso, TX as part of the 3 day
Summerfest concert series. Friday night was rock night and
REO Speedwagon and Joe Walsh also played.

Here is the setlist:

Touch of Madness
Sing Me Away
Forever All Over Again
When You Close Your Eyes
Sister Christian
Coming of Age
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
(You Can Still) Rock in America

The band looked, sounded, and played great. It was very cool to see Jeff
on background vocals. For some reason (possibly the hat he was wearing),
my friend and I thought Kelly looked like Will Farrell from Saturday Night
Live (he plays one of the cheerleaders).

The show was a military base and it took forever to get to the part where
the concert. We ended up getting there just before the announced starting
time and the band was already playing their first song. Everyone was
searched/patted down before entering the concert area, but luckily
there was a video screen we could watch while we waited.

The crowd response was really good and the new material seemed to go over
well. According to Jack, FAOA has been in the top 5 most requested songs
at the El Paso rock station (KLAQ). As we were driving into the El Paso
area on Friday afternoon, we heard the end of Neverland on KLAQ and
I guess the guys had been in the studio earliar in the day.

During the last song of REO's set (Roll with the Changes or Keep
on Rollin' - whatever the name of the song is), everyone but Fitz
came out and sang background vocals - which was very cool.

After this show, I really want to see a full headlining show.

Anybody else make it to this show."

- David Whittaker

Thanks for the great review, David!