The concert in San Antonio

"Here's just a little glimpse of what the Night Ranger concert in San
Antonio was like, I drove 4 hours to see them but it was well worth
it!!!I would do it again in a heart beat.
They guys didn't go on till after 10pm,but it was well worth the wait!
They started out with the title track from their new album"Neverland".
I really liked this song,it was a little different from their normal stuff
but nevertheless it was great! They then went into Touch of Madness,
Sing me Away,Four in the Morning,Rumours in the Air and even
Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight...They sang all of their older stuff and they
sounded better than ever...The thing I noticed the most was that they
really enjoyed playing together again. They were playing around,
laughing with each other, just as if they had never gone their separate
ways. They then went into an acoustic set with Sentimental Street, it was
really great! Jack then told everyone that the next song that they would
play wasn't a really big song for them but they wanted tp play it anyway...
It was Let Him Run, Towards the end of the song Kelly sang to the women
of the audience "Don't take any S**t from any guys just Let Him Run!"
The crowd really got into that.. The guys are still sitting on stools in front
and Jack tells everyone what each of them have been doing for the past few
years and he then says he was with a group called Damn Yankees,and they
then play High Enough.They then went into Goodbye, Jack then tells the
audience that he knows that when you go to a concert you want to hear
songs that you have heard before and know all the words to, so he said
imagine its a year from now and Forever All Over Again is so popular
and you know all the words to it... So they sing it and the crowd really
loved it..It was an awesome song..! Then they started the beginning
riffs to Night Ranger and the crowd went crazy, Everyone knew what
song it was.. Everyone was singing along!
The guys then started playing When You Close your Eyes, Coming of
Age (Damn Yankees) and Don't tell me you Love Me... By this time the crowd
is singing every song and is going wilder by the second. Jeff and Brad
throughout the whole concert were jumping off the stage and playing in
front of the crowds and all the fans are trying to touch them..The guys
then said goodbye and left the stage leaving the crowd wanting more...
Then it got all quiet except for Fitz playing his keyboard and yes he
started playing Sister Christian, the one song I think everyone was
waiting for.... Kelly started singing from his drums then he came up
front, and sang the song with unbelievable emotion.. The fans were
holding up lighted lighters and were singing along... I think this was
the highlight of the concert.. After he finished his last note, Jack told
the audience, No matter what is going on in your life or in the world,
It was absolutely loud and a perfect ending for the best concert ever...
The Boys are back and they are better than ever...!!!!!! If anyone has the
chance to go, GO and see them! I talked to Jack,Brad and Kelly after the
concert and they are still nice as ever. Jack said the album comes out on
Tuesday 22 July. Go and get it! You won't be disappointed!"

- Krissy

Thanks for the excellent review, Krissy!